Angela’s Fire-Dancing, 1Zumba!

Thank you and welcome to our website. Our special gratitude to the US, and Jordan readers and friends.

My dear 1Zumba friend, we have another fabulous interview with our great Fire-Dancing Star, Angela D. Alessio, who was very kind to give us another special interview about her career, and business in fire dancing.

We are deeply thankful for her enthusiasm & brilliance in what she is doing the best: “Fire-Dancing”

Play Angela’s voice talking to us about her special experience in fire-dancing.

As I mentioned earlier, Angela is a unique very special entrepreneur in the field of Fire-Dancing. This is our 2nd interview with her. When you watch her videos, I would guarantee you that, your mind is gonna be blown away. Be ready for this:

After enjoying this video, for sure, now you understand how risky this job is, and how creative & peculiar it is as well. Not too many people are ready to take a higher risk to do a job like this one. It reminds me of photographers, who risk their lives going to volcano places, to take some special shots for the fire, and the lava!

Yet it is so enjoyable and gives us all kinds of excitement and thrills, right?


We would like to, once again,  give our thanks to Angela, and wish her all the best in her Fire-Dancing future projects, and we still like to see some more of her art. We will have more interviews and chatting with her, in the near future, to know more about other elements involved in her great work.

Until we chat some more, here’s our hugs & kisses ❤



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