1Zumba, Let Me Grab An Apple!

Thank you and thank you for your great interest and energy, especially the US, the UK, Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Slovakia, Italy, Russia, Germany, Croatia, India, Mexico, Denmark, Romania, n Spain 😉

My 1Zumba friend, how are you doing? Let’s make some noise. The new year is approaching, and it’s a great opportunity to go through our agenda, and figure out our achievements, and our postponed plans 😉  Cheer up!

A new competition is here. It’s called “My Picture” competition, which is composed of a number of scrambled letters, and you would have to unscramble them; then, to provide the picture for this word.

For example: Map of United States“HET TIDENU TSTEAES OF RIMCAE”, the key is “The United States of America”, so pay attention for spaces, this is number one, in order to know if it is one word or more.

Secondly, you would get a picture of the US map and send it to us as your answer- any size. It is OK. So the answer will be the photo you are going to send to us, not the words, as shown below.

Now our first (1) in this competition is: “YMNGREA”, remember your answer is a photo. 💡

Bright minds, this is amazing! 1Zumba friend sent us this new invention, look at this photo, it is explaining itself:

Image result for new solar inventions

Recently Hewlett-Packard has presented its latest invention – a lightweight computer that one can easily wear around the wrist due to ….(Go to Hewlett-Packard)

As I repeatedly told you before, the solar products would prevail. It’s their time 🙂

Many new solar inventions are in the way to all of us soon.

Yesterday, after a quick meeting, 1Zumba friend came to me, asking me a question, not about any business matter, but about a private matter, she needed to have it out, for someone, and it happened that I was that someone.

She started like that: Image result for great team“Do you have a minute for some private chatting?” I said: “Sure”, thinking that she would ask for a favor. She pointed at the terrace and said: “then why don’t we have some fresh air?”

“Sure.” I confirmed again, and this time I thought she would ask me for money. She did not; instead she said that she pretended that it was OK for her daughter to move out, but the truth was that she was devastated. She pulled herself together when her daughter came by to pick up her stuff, n move it to her new place. She said that she smiled at Image result for a daughter collecting her stuff leaving her motherher daughter and her friends who accompanied her for help, wishing her good luck; however, she had a broken heart seeing her daughter departing her residence.

She didn’t want to discuss it with anyone, even with herself, coz she knew that she would burst into tears, and she promised herself long time ago not to shed a tear on a departure!

Now, she is asking herself, while she is full of injured emotions, where did it go?  So I asked her: “What do you mean?”Related image to which she answered: “Where my daughter’s love has gone?  Where has it gone?

Oh dear! So it’s about love again. It seems that we all need love, all the time, young or old!  I didn’t have an answer, and I think, she didn’t expect an answer from me. She just needed someone to talk to about her feelings, and it happened to be me 😀

The mother wore her success face one more time, and stepped back to the crowd. She kept it all down there where nobody else would be able to reach.

Life is amazing, isn’t it? Live your life, and enjoy it. Embrace every moment you have. It’s one life, and you are great in everything you’re doing. This is the truth!

Send me your comments, questions, suggestions. Share your ideas with us. Open up to our beautiful world, let me grab an apple , and come back to you.

Kisses, hugs, & love ❤

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