Roll Up-Sleeves-Hands-Dirty 1Zum!

Great day guys! Welcome to our world of We do thank everyone who appreciates our words, especially the US, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany,New Zealand, Jordan, European Union, Serbia,South Korea, Czech Republic, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Ukraine, Switzerland, the UK, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Canada, Australia, & Hong Kong SAR China 😉

We’ll introduce our new game/competition, as I mentioned to you few days ago, tomorrow. 

As for today, we have an extremely interesting topic for you. It’s called the nude beaches. Our question is: “Would you really get naked in order to have this experience of visiting the world’s best nude beaches?

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Of course, it is not for everyone! Frankly speaking, it’s hard to visit nudity spots, unless you are really into that kind of activity.


Long time ago, I used to have a boss who was really into those nude beaches. nbHe would have trade the world for going to such trips. The funniest thing about it was that he used to take his wife with him all the time. We were all a kind of  surprised, coz it was, for us, a semi-contradictory behavior, or may be it was not. You have to try it yourself in order to know exactly what kind of fun was there. 🙄

My dear 1Zumba friend, how about you? Would you be able to go in a trip for one of these nude beaches?

Oh! Easy said but hard to do!

For example, the other day, we were in a group, and someone told a friend that it was time for her to be a grandma, which I couldn’t figure out what it meant exactly.

Image result for party time for ladiesShe was hugging kids and having fun around them, so probably it was meant that she had strong feelings for kids.

She asked her  how old her kid was, and when she said 15, another girl answered “Old enough”. What did that even mean?! 15 years old was old enough to get married. She was serious. Can you believe that?! The guy laughed, commenting, probably it was old enough for her! :green:

We all laughed, but there was a moment of silence, as if something was not right, or that it shouldn’t have been said. Yep, easy to say hard to do!

How to earn some extra money, if you are planning to save aside few bucks for a trip or a specialImage result for money good to spend occasion? I have few ideas. 

First money is good to spend, particularly during holidays or trips. One needs to feel that she would be able to buy things she finds of value to her, or that would hold  special memories. Right?

Here’s a slideshow for  places where no passport needed.

Our new invention is admirable idea, that came out to be extremely practical for everyone, and it would make millions of dollars. 😉

Do you like solar products? They reflect the creativity of our human minds. Truly unbelievable capacities you have, and you do not use enough of them unfortunately. You’re not paying enough attention to all what you have in your brains.

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Smart guys, it’s time for a short break, then we’ll talk some more. Until then, I wish we all have the chance to roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty in the trenches of our beautiful minds, and come up with something new. 😉

Get to more topics with our hugs & Kisses


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