Time to play friends! 😉 Thanks for coming back to your pages friends from everywhere; especially, the US readers and friends. 😉

Good or bad, they’re just memories,
Fun or dumb, they’re just memories,
Here or there, they’re just memories,
Seriously who cares, they’re just memories!

“A big trouble, lots of fun”, a song that sounded nice and brought many memories back to our group.

Memories are a lot. Do they come to you all the time or intermittently? It is completely different from one person to the other. Experts from Washington University said that your memories live with you for your whole life.

Bell heard over the KQED radio a program about memories in our lives. She told us that an expert claimed that the previous classification of long-term memories and short-term memories was incorrect, and that new experiments proved that your memories live a life-time, and that even the ones that you didn’t want to remember would be still buried inside your brain.

Last year, someone sent us a letter where she said: “Is it always about you?”. Nanna said that she was a sick person. We forgot about that letter, but for some reason the question kept moving like a spiral in my head, thinking that our posts were hardly about any specific person, so why that fan/member/reader said that?

Then I thought if it was really about me (which is not the case), it would be justifiable since  I don’t know anyone else more than myself. 😆 This is an example of one memory I like to forget, haha!

It’s OK to tell stories about yourself more than about anybody else, this is how it goes naturally. Whenever you meet friends or others, they would tell you about themselves or things that happened to them, right?

There are good memories and bad ones, but what brought our topic today was the youth and the problem of forgetfulness.Image result for memories

There are 34 health conditions associated with forgetfulness, memory problems …more

If you feel that it is not normal memory problem, pls take your kid to a specialized physician, it is good to handle this kind of symptoms ASAP. It’s very important to notice the difference between normal and abnormal memory problems. 

Forgetfulness can be a problem for teenagers. While forgetting some things can be completely normal, there are some conditions that can cause it to happen more often, such as depression, dyslexia, attention disorders, hypothyroidism, sleep deprivation and substance abuse. However, before concluding that your child has a serious problem, keep in mind that organizational abilities normally improve as teens mature.

If it was you who suffer these symptoms, it could mean something as simple as a bad lifestyle, or as serious as having a critical condition in your brain. So pay attention. If it was your fast-pace life that causes all of that, take a moment and re-organize it. Also, it could be that your food is full of sugar or unhealthy elements that can fog your mind. Being stressed out or having a poor diets are two good reasons that would result in your memory shakes.

Take your time in entertainment, listen to music, read interesting books/posts, watch a comedy (watching a lot of TV can cause this too). Do something that would bring cheerfulness and fun to your life. Find what makes you happy and reverse your tension.

Until we chat again, get ready for the New Year 2018 while roaming in-between your topics of interest, always with our hugs and kisses

. Why bad memory?


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