Solar Cons/Pros!

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slrAnswering our 1Zumba member’s  question about the solar energy, I think it is the future. No, I mean the present and the future. Solar roof panels have been in the air for the last ten years or probably more. But only until recently smart people started to understand how it is very profitable for them to have a solar system on their roofs.

Oh, what are you waiting for? Just tell them enough is enough, my dear Zin friend 😮 I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I know your students love you , but they don’t realize that they are suffocating you. I understand your frustration, but I can’t see why can’t you tell them about how you feel.

BerrylookThinking of quitting your job coz of them is too edgy; instead, you can talk to them, since hinting was not understandable. Also, I understand that this happens to you wherever you go, so you become sort of locked up in a ring that tightly settled around your neck, which is awful!

Going back to solar world, I had some awesome story about one solar company, and I will share it with you of course, but not today, coz frankly speaking it could make a good novel-true story!

slr1If you own a house, it is no brainer to wait. Just ask all the questions you want before signing any contract. A lot of “Whys” pls, you must ask. It’s one of your life’s investments

So here is the latest list  of the best solar companies, via this link, if you are really serious about it; and I can tell one thing only to remember. Now it is the best time to buy solar! There are people who think that it will be better to wait coz the technology changes fast, but this is not gonna happen. Just seize the opportunity if you had one! 

Pros and cons you need to seriously consider.

Until we chat again, we’ll talk more about solar and other phenomenal topics with our hugs and kisses ❤ Qatar Airways Worthy Lovely Wholesale 


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