1Zumba Water Toys

Hello everyone and welcome to our post today. To our new friends, we always say thank you for joining us from the US, Algeria, Germany, Australia, Canada,  the UK, Portugal, n Egypt  😉


Hi Zumba friend, how are you today? I hope you feel better 😉

For our friend from the Mississippi, it is recommended by the DBW, taking a boating safety class offered by the US Cost Guard Auxiliary, US Power Squadrons, or certain chapters of the American Red cross before you begin boating. For more info on this, pls see www.dbw.ca.gov ,or,   www.uscgboating.org

Before getting underway, check the latest weather conditions, fueling, boat capacity, and loading. In fact there is a booklet for boating in the DMV, which includes a lot of useful info too. It explains many points regarding he waterway markings, the rules of the waterways, the operational law, the emergency and accident procedures, the required equipment, the green boating guideline, and the registration procedures.

yachtWhen it comes to the boater responsibility, nothing in the rules of the road shall exonerate the operator of a vessel from the consequences of neglecting to comply with the inland rules of the road, or from neglecting any regulation which may be required by the ordinary practice of seamen.

The operational Law covers the Peace officers, trailing, stolen vessels, county and city laws,age restrictions, speed, carbon monoxide, reckless or negligent operation of a vessel, it-and-run accidents, operation of a vessel while intoxicated, designated driver theory, court-ordered boating education, personal watercraft operation, etc..

skWater skiing which is one difficult sport to practice. I had a friend, who used to enter into skiing competitions. He was really good at it, and had an adventurer’s spirit. When using a boat to tow someone on water skis or an aquaplane, there must be on other person in the boat-in addition to the operator- who can observe the person being towed. The observer must be at least 12 yrs old. Other two tow sports, such as wake boarding, knee boarding, and tubing, must follow the same rules and guidelines as skiers. A red or orange flag must be displayed on the side of the boat to indicate a ski in the water in the vicinity of the vessel.

Boaters play an important role in protecting the health of CA’s waterways. Boat sewage, graywater, cleaning products, spilled fuel & oil, trash and aquatic invasive species are all potential sources of pollution. Every boater must take responsibility for pollution prevention and try to minimize the environmental and public health impacts from boating activities. http://www.coastal.ca.gov/

 Some of the recognized signals for indicating distress and need of assistance are shown on this:   http://www.boatus.org/distress-signals/

About 90 million American adults participate in recreational boating. The boating business is estimated about 35 billion dollars in 2014!

You can discover boating activities, and buy your own boat, if you find yourself really into it, via this site: http://www.discoverboating.com/buying/boatselector.aspx

Love you all everywhere, it’s still winter time, but some people I see getting ready for the summer! I am quite happy about good planners, not only to enjoy their rain, but also their 1Zumba Water Toys  😉

Thank you for your questions and comments; we really appreciate them and enjoy reading and replying to them. Until tomorrow, I will leave you with this water splashes to enjoy. Good night, talk to you tomorrow about new 1Zumba adventure  😮

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