Roll Up-Sleeves-Hands-Dirty 1Zum!

The post is updated and re-edited 6/11/2018. Love to hear from you. Thanks 🙂


Great day guys! Welcome to our world of We do thank everyone who appreciates our words, especially the US, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany,New Zealand, Jordan, European Union, Serbia,South Korea, Czech Republic, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Ukraine, Switzerland, the UK, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Canada, Australia, & Hong Kong SAR China 😉

We’ll introduce our new game/competition, as I mentioned to you few days ago, tomorrow. 

As for today, we have an extremely interesting topic for you. It’s called the nude beaches. Our question is: “Would you really get naked in order to have this experience of visiting the world’s best nude beaches?

Related image

Of course, it is not for everyone! Frankly speaking, it’s hard to visit nudity spots, unless you are really into that kind of activity.


Long time ago, I used to have a boss who was really into those nude beaches. nbHe would have trade the world…

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