1Zumba Power!

This post is updated and re- published on 6/11/2018. Pls leave your comments. Thanks.


Nowadays, having fun has become too complicated! 😉 At first, let’s say “Thank You” for everyone who is joining us now, and reading our words; especially the new ones from the US, India, Singapore, Portugal, UK, Puerto Rico, Australia, Spain, n Germany 😉

It has been a pleasure to accompany you in this journey our dear readers. We have been longing for talking to you, and we hope that you too were waiting for us 😉

treeFew days ago I was having lunch or early dinner, talking about a future project, and I was thinking that it was really good to have a meal and talk business. It always works best for me to do that.

For some reason, when I talk to someone about some plan while walking out of the school, or walking out of a lecture, it feels odd; simply saying, it feels it is not the…

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