1Zumba Power!

Nowadays, having fun has become too complicated! 😉 At first, let’s say “Thank You” for everyone who is joining us now, and reading our words; especially the new ones from the US, India, Singapore, Portugal, UK, Puerto Rico, Australia, Spain, n Germany 😉

It has been a pleasure to accompany you in this journey our dear readers. We have been longing for talking to you, and we hope that you too were waiting for us 😉

treeFew days ago I was having lunch or early dinner, talking about a future project, and I was thinking that it was really good to have a meal and talk business. It always works best for me to do that.

For some reason, when I talk to someone about some plan while walking out of the school, or walking out of a lecture, it feels odd; simply saying, it feels it is not the right timing. That is why I should never do that.

Most probably, the listener would be busy in her mind about picking up kids, or buying groceries in her way home, etc… Therefor, I will remind myself from now on, that I will not talk business except when I am sitting down, fully-prepared for my presentation or any other related matter.

In fact, I usually do this, but lately for some reason I tried to change my approach, but it didn’t work the way it should. At least that was how I felt.

O+ Biggi - Oxygen PlusI would add that business protocol varies from one person to the other. Probably, it works for some people just to verbally talk along the way, and adjust to whatever they agreed upon. 

bus PowGoing back to my early dinner with my friend or business partner, she told me something I didn’t realize about myself, or I got it. Let me explain.

Talking about growth, some persons grow vertically in one specific line. For example, an employee who worked all his life for 35 yrs or more in a company, until retirement. Or another example is an engineer who built his company in construction work, and never tried any other field, focusing on construction projects.

Others would grow horizontally, and I think this applies to myself and my friend. She said our growth is similar to a tree, coz we are branching adding new fields to our lives, and working in interrelated fields.

That was quite interesting! Her analysis was brilliant. For long time, I thought that it was a disadvantage loving too many things, and when I read an article written by someone who was interested in many fields, similar to my interests, I felt a bit better. Then when my partner mentioned the tree example, she made me feel far more better, as if there was a missing piece that I needed to complete a certain image in my mind. Wow, isn’t it great to talk to people?! Every time I talk to someone, I learn  😉

Recently, we were lucky to conduct few video interviews, which were very successful with members of gym, and let me share this with you tonight. They talked about healthy living.

I found it quite interesting to hear that talk, coming very natural from Mimi, and Jess. Thank you both for helping us in conveying our message to everyone to live healthy.

Yes, this is the real 1Zumba Power 😉

We love you all and we will be waiting for you to visit us again soon. Until then, take good care of yourself, and remember that we are here for you anytime 😉

3 thoughts on “1Zumba Power!

    1. 1- Portugal and Puerto Rico are names of countries. Pls look them up on your world map.
      2-accompany: go somewhere with (someone) as a companion or escort, or be present or occur at the same time as (something else).
      3- Journey: trip
      4- groceries: items of food sold in a grocery store.
      5- presentation: an activity in which someone shows, describes, or explains something to
      6- related to : connected to
      Thank you for asking Ann 🙂


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