1Zumba Flow!

1Zumba Flow
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Hello and welcome everyone, from everywhere in our huge yet tiny world. Thank you for your visit today our current readers, and our new followers or visitors, especially form the US, Brazil, the UK, Slovakia, India, Australia, Spain, n Russia 😉

Secondly, in my way out of the bank, a soft voice cam from behind saying excuse me several times. I normally assume that it is not for me, but when I felt it was too close I turned around to see what was going on only to find that young lady almost getting to tap onto my shoulders. She was in her early twenties, brown eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, pistachio rain coat, 5’4 height approx. All her hair was pulled back tightly. I thought she would ask for money or, as you know, saying she lost her wallet, etc..
prInstead she said: “What perfume you are wearing? I said what? not verbally but my eyes were having that expression of surprise. I thought for a moment, then I said Oh it is a bottle I like at Macy’s right before coming to the bank, it is in Estëe Lauder Section, n the attendant was not there , so I tried a drop n I thought I’d get it later. Or if I found that bottle online, I may order it.
She smiled saying just because its layers were so balanced, not strong nor light. She liked it a lot. She added the smell was indescribable for her. I said: “Well thanks for having me know that, since I am at the beginning of getting a cold, and my runny nose couldn’t be sure of that perfume’s strength or effect.
1Zumba  Matters [3]
ch110-How many different Zumba instructors have you tried? What was your experiences with them?
There were three other instructors I saw weekly. With one, I was unable to continue her classes because school had started for the children.
The other two I was pretty intense about; I attended theirs along with Toby’s each week. One of the instructors was a dancer and had a ton of energy! I attended her Zumba Breast Cancer and Senior functions a lot, and we even did a flash mob!!
Unfortunately the classes had some attendees that were not very friendly and although I steered clear of that kind of thing, I eventually started attending less and less. I think one of the reasons we dance is to unload any stresses that may be going on in our lives, or just to have that “me” time. Even without being a part of someone else negative attitude, the energy just got a little uncomfortable.
The other instructor was high energy as well which I loved, and she’d put a lot of squats and exercise moves into her routines. As with all of the classes I attended, I was thrilled about seeing our instructor and excited about the music and what dance routines we’d be doing!
Our instructor wasn’t coming as often and it seemed substitute instructors were coming more and more to teach her classes. They were always a lot of fun, but not knowing any of the routines or not having much instruction during the routines left me feeling like I didn’t get a good workout. Before I realized it, I started attending her classes less as well.
One day Toby told me that he also teaches twice a week at another gym. After a little research, it turned out that a membership my husband had purchased for me about 10 years ago was still active, so I gravitated more towards those classes.
11-How many studios or health centers you participate in? Which one you like most?
I participate in two gyms and 1 studio. I like the gyms the best because they have mirrors and I like to watch my feet when I dance! I’m not the most coordinated person so catching a glimpse of my dance moves to be sure I’m doing it correctly is nice! Plus the gyms offer a Kid’s Club service (which my boys love!), and my friends are there, making it that much more fun!
12-Is it rewarding to be physically involved in many activities?
Yes, I feel so much better when I sweat! I love it when I can feel my body push farther and do something that I couldn’t do as well or know how to do at all before. Plus I feel so much better with the weight off.
13- What is your ultimate goal by exercising?
To continue my path of a healthier me!
14- What do you least enjoy about Zumba? Why?
Some of the participants in the classes can get possessive over “their spot” on the floor. Us Zumba heads are very serious so I truly understand! However people will physically push through you to get to where they want to be!
Even if they get into the line moments before class begins and you’ve been there waiting for an hour for class to start, they will run to the front of the class. It’s not that I want to claim any certain spot on the floor, it would just be nice to have common courtesy to those that got there early. So sometimes by the time the class gets started, you already need to take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are there to unwind!
15- How do you keep things interesting for yourself when you feel bored?
I don’t really get bored as much as my mind has on occasion started to wander off about all of the things I have to do when I get home!  But I do like to kick moves up a notch at times by adding in higher jumps or things like that, to push myself more when I can.

With this, we conclude 1Zumba Matters and our today’s 1Zumba Flow  😉

Until we chat again, just keep on the good work with our hugs and kisses ❤


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