1Zumba Free interNet

To all of you, including our current readers, followers, n visitors “Thank YOU”. To our new ones from the US, Russia, India, the UK, Brazil, South Africa, France, n Canada. 😉

Now what? Now it is time to say it out loud. It is true and we need all to talk about it.

  •  It should be free free freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  •  When they tell you, whether gov or private sectors, to use their website, instead of doing it over-the-phone via the 1-800-000-0000  number, they want to save money at your account. In other words, they want you to pay money for them answering your calls. You certainly call them to solve problems that are caused in the first place by their business. This in iteself is costing you money, coz you will be spending time waiting on-the-phone, who knows for how long.
  • If you did go online, you will still pay, not only from your time, but also you need to have internet service in the first place, then, you can do whatever they want you to do. You have to pay monthly fees for a company to provide you with this service. But the thing is that even if you went online, sometimes, it takes long time, to fill out all the info they needed from you, and they have to send you a link to your email address. You have to verify your email address, and after a long process of registration,  secret questions, and a long trail of online activities, it may end up asking you to call a certain phone number coz this service cannot be done online.
  • 😲 Isn’t this torture for the customers, draining their pockets all the time!

How frustrating this is!!

Let alone the frequent problems n the long waitbfor a technician or help.

Unfortunately, now we have one of  these dreadful issues, but still have the hope for having 1Zumba Free interNet 😉

This is why I need to say good bye for now, since i have to use my cell. It’s uneasy to do this but coz I love u so much, I have to talk to you. Here’s my kisses. 😉


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