1Zumba TV

Indeed we are so blessed to have you all with us today, and everyday, from everywhere in this planet, n may be from other planets as well  😉

So we welcome all of you, especially our new readers from the US, Australia, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Spain, India, France, and from any other unknown places  😉

Dearest 1Zumba friend,  we can’t tell you how happy we are today, going to Zumba class, after skipping one or two. It was enchanting, vivid, n unparalleled!

SethSeriously,  I have a confession to make: I am a huge fan of Seth Meyers. When you watch him, you  would laugh forever. He is so witty. Just watch this video, I assure you. It’s just hilarious! If you are interested in the latest NBC News (last 24 hours), here are some links for you:

. American Nanny

. Turnout

We  had a chance to pass by Costco yesterday, and it was so packed of people, and for those of you, who do not know what I am talking about; it’s a whole-sale store in 


CA. I’m not sure if it is in other States or not.

Anyway, I saw those new curved TVs, n OMG! I just felt in love with one of them at once. I’m crazy about new electronics, esp. TVs.  The desire of having a new TV is still there  😛

I didn’t buy it, coz I have already two TVs, and I am not watching them, but you know what it is time to get rid of those TVs, and get a new one, why not 1Zumba TV  😉

Our love and appreciation for each one of you, keep sending your smart comments and questions, we are always here for you. We’ll talk tomorrow with a new smile  😉

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