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Welcome and thank you for being with us today. Our thanks also go to every new reader from the US, Canada, Romania, Australia, Slovakia, Rwanda, n  Colombia 😉

It has been a great day, busy busy busy since 6 am this morning. Mondays are always like this, aren’t they? How are you my 1Zumba friend, I think you must have been busy too!

“I’ve discovered that, although I have no problem with my age, whenever people ask it they are always trying to argue something at my expense. Like they have more experience than me or I’m too old to be flirting with the waitress, or simply that I look younger or older than my age, always unflattering in the context.” 

“So I never answer any more. They can’t make their point without a set number. If they insist, which they always seem to do, I say “Guess. How old do I look?” That usually stops them cold. Like I say, though, I have no problem with my age. My birthday cake at work can have the age written on it.” That was the question of our 1Zumba friend, Luis.

Back to you. Do you ask the question: Why? And does it make you squirm to be asked?Well, Luis, these are very good questions, but let me first present Melanie’s suggestion.

Our friend, Melanie, Image result for free internetsuggested that we should talk about something that would affect our welfare, and I totally agreed with her.

There are plenty of subjects that affects your welfare and your wellness. You, I, and all of us should talk more about these critical issues in our lives such as: Free Internet!  

You can say that, this is the most important subject right now, in the whole world. The reason is that there are countries who provide free internet to their people- rich and poor countries compared to the USA.

For example, Estonia has a far, far lower GDP and yet offers free WiFi pretty much everywhere. And America has a long way to go to catch up

Finland has become the first country in the world to make broadband a legal right for every citizen

netSo why not to apply this rule to us, since now all government bodies ask us to go online and submit our inquiries or subscription for their services.

It is enough that we put our time in doing this. Our time is money. We love money because we made it equal to our time. Time is the most expensive commodity in our lives, as experts say.

All businesses are completely aware that they should provide us with free internet. It will happen! The sooner the better though. You need to let them know that you understand part of their games. You need to speak up loudly enough to let all public or private bodies do this free internet as soon as possible.

With the existing companies, there is a lot of unreliability. You get disconnected, and you do not know what to do, except to keep calling your provider, who is answered would tell you that you need to go online to submit your complaint. How could you go online, if you have no connection 😛

Smart people! This is not the point, the point is, internet should be free, period. Similar to free TV channels which are provided by each county or city, this service should be provided for each respected human being!

This will save you only a slight part of your time, or your money, not all of it. So insist on talking to your friends, your neighbors, your family members, your community acquaintance, your classmates, your coworkers, your partners, n your anyone person who can keep talking about free internet!!

Dear 1Zumba friend, thank you for your comments and emails, we are lucky to have you, and we wish you all the best. Just remember us, wherever you are, as we always remember you. You are in our minds and in our hearts 😉

Back to our 1Zumba friend, Luis, I meant to talk to you today about age, and the question of Image result for How old are you?“How old are you?”, which many do not like to answer, but for different reasons. Of course, you must have had this question, or something similar, by friends, at work, or in an interview. This is why you should get ready for this question, not to answer it, using some of the tactics provided by a number of experts underneath under our references. Pls feel free to email sufa@1zumba.com for any question about this subject.

Love you all guys, and we will wait impatiently for your next visit. We will talk about a new and an old amazing things, or may be we can watch some new videos next time, if you prefer our 1Zumba Videos 😉


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