1Zumba Truth

Thank you everyone and welcome again. With our special thanks for the new visitors form the USCanada, Romania, Australia, Slovakia, Rwanda, n Colombia 😉

Some videos we should have submitted or published yesterday with the other Mimi & Jess’s talk about healthy living, coz they were fun, and we sure like you to watch with us. Although they are relatively short, but they were great.

After testing for that interview, there was another cut, let’s see how it looked like:

Again, thank you Mimi 🙂    Thank you Jess  🙂  This kind of talk is very alive for all of us. Our readers just like to hear more from you all the time 😉

The last longer phase was the one which was published yesterday. Let’s have a look one more time, talking about the best ways to stay healthy in our world!

We just hope that you would enjoy all three of them, for their natural talk, and for volunteering to promote healthy living with us. That was great efforts. We greatly appreciate it, and we hope we would have more and more soon 😉

Smart guys! Did we mention how much we love you?  Sure, we did, coz this is 1Zumba Truth 😉

I will miss you a lot, so until I talk to you tomorrow, think of what news I’m gonna bring you!!  May be I’ll use the MSN, at least, they’re doing better than others, what do you think my 1Zumba friend?

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