Fun will come to you, just need to be ready! 😉 As you might know, Halloween is coming soon. Are you ready to celebrate? Too many people now like to have fun and to celebrate that kind of fun day. Some buy strange clothes to attend their special parties, or to share with others who … More Halloween-22!

Halloween Fun!

Just for fun! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends everywhere: the US, Finland, Russia, the UK, Thailand, Bolivia, Mexico, Indonesia, Trinidad & Tobago, Vietnam, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Italy, Cameroon, China, India, Philippines, Nigeria, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Canada, Serbia,  Croatia, Paraguay, Switzerland, Brazil,  Australia, Saudi Arabia, Poland,  Czech Republic, Egypt, Hong Kong, Ireland, Philippines, Indonesia, Norway, Kazakhstan, Argentina, … More Halloween Fun!

Halloween with Jazmin!

Great friends, welcome back! Keep coming back never stop checking on as many topics as you can! 😉 Thank you friends from the US, the UK, Canada, India, Kazakhstan, China, Canada, Russia, Kosovo, Thailand, South Africa, Tunisia, Germany, Greece, South Korea, Luxembourg, Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Italy, Mexico, Iraq, Qatar, Vietnam, Ireland, Pakistan, Morocco, France, Poland, … More Halloween with Jazmin!

1Zumba, Am I?

The US, Lithuania, India, & the UK,  a big clapping, from our team, n welcome to our pages. New readers or current ones, you are in the right place (y) Last year we celebrated the Halloween, and we dedicated our post for the Halloween occasion. Today, we will talk a bit about the Halloween, since tomorrow … More 1Zumba, Am I?

1Zumba Halloween

Every year I promise myself  going to the best Halloween Party, and I have been invited to a few. No matter how hard I work on choosing the funniest one, I end up repeating the same promise to myself, one more time. Probably, I should  think more about what kind of fun I am expecting, in a way that … More 1Zumba Halloween