You were told that that would happen, but you were skeptical! Now you’ll pay more attention! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, Laos, Sweden, Bolivia, and India 😉

You know that it is annoying to receive a survey every single day. Everywhere you go nowadays, you are followed home by whatever number of places you’ve been to on that day, in addition to any phone call that you made or receive.

“Help us improve your service”, “We would love to know how we did”, “Was Dummy good at his phone call?”, “You are invited to a quick survey”, “Your participation will be appreciated”, etc. Hundreds of surveys get to your email inbox, your mail box, or your cell phone! 🙄

Anyway, you let us know how you deal with that so we can deal with it too! 😆

Andy, Mostafa, and Frank were arguing about games and the elements of their attraction. They came up with a number of factors on the part of the user not the developer though. It was so interesting to hear each one of them and to see how they differ from each other. You might also see other factors of attraction to games that they don’t enjoy as much.


Elements of attraction in games:
. Design
. Color
. Sound
. Play
. Points
. Winning
. Story
. Good vs. bad fights
. Rescue
. Finding something
. Feeling smart
. Competing
. Brain exercise
. Drawing
. Exploring

. Challenge: Levels of difficulty

We’ll talk about each factor in details in a little bit. Just remember it is on the part of the user or the game player and not on the part of the professional developer, designer, technician, or writer. It is a kind of exploring what attracts you to play a game rather than looking into the technical details, math, or software used to produce them.

Until we chat again, stay busy with our topics and get to your inspiration with our hugs and kisses

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