Stop Playing Games, 1Zumba!

Seriously, thank you for being such good friends. Welcome our new visitors from the US, Luxembourg, n Netherlands,    we hope that you would become our friend f o r e v e r 😉

No message for my 1Zumba friend today, except to say, how are you doing this?!

Raja, Garcia, Jesue, Damin, Currey, n Angelica, you can certainly participate in this post via our email service. Just go to contacts, and write to any of the addresses provided, and we will respond promptly. I assure you that you can write any subject you like. :mrgreen:

My dear 1Zumba, I am in your life for a reason, as you are in mine for one too. Neither of us planned this, nor knew the real reason, but here’s that thing, that I think, we both feel it. There’s something special about it. It’s different, unique, and unexplained. Probably one day it would be more definable or identifiable. 😯 😕

Sometimes, it feels like a puzzle,  but coz  of its magnetism laws, it continues to be there magically. There is some kind of hidden agreement between us, undeclared, or unannounced. An agreement with no articles or terms. Some kind of harmony; its extent is unknown, but it is manifested clearly in many situations. Would it take us anywhere? We don’t know

So what’s the most interesting thing about listening to documentaries of movies? In 1Zumba friend, Rasha’s opinion: “We kind of seeing what was behind the scenes. It’s as if we live the other moments of actors when they prepare for their roles, how they were chosen for those roles, what kind of funny accidents that happened to them, what was it about in the first place, was it changed during the course of the shooting, or did it remain the same adhesive to the written story. Many new elements would appear to us once we hear the director talking about it, or the producer, the actors in the movie, etc.”

Also I watched a documentary about the  “Paycheck” by Ben Affleck (Michael Jennings), a brilliant reverse engineer….very interesting when you hear the director’s ideas n how it came to the screen, it makes you laugh, not necessarily out loud, haha! 😆

Now here’s a catch about this movie, and correct me if I were wrong. The scene when the technician was removing his memories after the first deal, we see pictures of things being erased, right? One of these shots was for that beautiful attorney or legal in-charge female, Kathryn Morris, when she put her red scarf on his wrist, indicating that they would have some sexual action.

So the camera is showing both of them for us, while in his own memory, he should have seen only her in front of him, he would not be able to see both of them as the scene showed us; he should have been able to see her as she was standing opposite to him, and consequently in his memory, that image was supposed to be the right image that needed to be erased, not the other camera shot for both of them.

Anyway, I’m thinking why don’t we erase all the bad memories that we experience during our life from our brains, if it was so accessible like that, haha! Why not? A coin-machine, and press the button?! 😀

We love you all gals & guys, although guys can be used for all genders, haha! I still have the recipe I promised, and I’ll post it in our next edition. Kisses ❤


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