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What do you think? Was it really the female who asked the male to eat the forbidden apple, and not the other way around?!! :mrgreen:

Is there any physical proof that she did?! Just asking. Nvmd.

It was one day when I was engaged to that handsome pilot, he called one of his co-workers. He asked me if I mind stopping by his friend, another pilot, coz the later was sick. I said OK.

The door was not locked apparently the friend told my fiancee that he could let himself in, and we went in. It was a huge house, but very empty. I remember there was only one couch, and one small table after you cross the long entrance area.

There was plenty of chandeliers, and each one of them, I must say, was worth a fortune.

The lights were on, we were in the afternoon. Normal told me to wait on that chair around that table, until he check on his friend upstairs, and come right away.

I waited. Then few minutes later, Normal came downstairs, and asked me if I would mind waiting for him, while he ran to a fast food, to get some food for his friend, who was very sick in bed and couldn’t move a bit.

Will you be surprised if you see some hairstyle very popular today but tomorrow it is just out of ark? Will you? I guess you will not, because you know already how hairstyle changes season to season. Read this article you will get here 20 pony hairstyles. #PonyHairstylesForMediumLengthHair #PonyHairstyles - See more at:: Well! Again, I said OK, but I was somehow unhappy about it. I was a high school girl at that time, so I was learning hard lessons. I didn’t feel any fear or doubts about the innocent goodwill that my fiancée wanted to do for his friends. Friends are for friends, right?! At least, that was what I thought at that time.

He jumped up, and ran towards the door getting out to get the food, and I just kept turning my eyes around that almost empty castle.

Then Mr. Abnormal appeared all of a sudden upstairs, in his P.J.’s moving slowly as if he could hardly move. He was a moderate height guy, skinny but strong built body. He waved with his hand as if he was saying hi, n started getting his feet downstairs.

1Z Bizzare.jpgHe approached the table, but I noticed his moves were faster than it was at the beginning, but still I didn’t have any bad thoughts. Then, he said: “Oh! Hi! Are you Normal’s fiancée, I said “Yes”.

Then, a terrible thing happened. He looked at me angrily, with his black eyes. I panicked, n stood up.

Unexpectedly, he grabbed my hair hard, pulling it down to the back. I had a long braid that day, as if he would break my neck or something, saying: “how could you dare to stay by yourself in a place you don’t know anyone in?

Why are you here? Do you want to be f* by Normal here, while I’m sick in bed?”

I screamed and screamed, trying pushing him away from me, but he was so strong, in a full control with my hair in his hand. “Stop it, stay away from me stay away monster”, struggling trying to have him let go of my hair. Finally I was able to kick his A* off away from me, running towards the door, to bump into my fiancée’s face 😯

He dropped off the bag he was carrying in his hand, when he saw my face was all red, full of tears, and agony traces all over my shaking body, trembling, in a state of severe shock.

Asking “What happened, what happened?” I couldn’t answer, I just told him to take me home. “We were supposed to have a good time, what happened tell me?”

There was nothing to tell. There was nothing to be said at that moment. Silence was my only solace.

It was a mistake to stay in a stranger’s house by myself, I never did that in my life, what happened to me that day? Why didn’t I go with Normal to get the food together? Was he planning that with his friend to test me? Or was he unintentionally did that to me?

I don’t know the answer until this moment, coz Normal passed away, when his plane crashed, and I never cried when I heard that bad news. I only cry now, when I let it out, after keeping it for myself since that day. I never told anyone about what had happened, I guess I never had the courage to do that. I was embarrassed to tell anybody about it, coz I was considered by many the smartest one.

I think I  will conclude our session here tonight. In our next post, I’ll make sure that the question of our competition is there, along with your recipe. Stay cool, take good care of yourself. Kisses & hugs ❤


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