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You are the mastermind and it takes a lot to be there, just keep on having your executives in place! 😉 Welcome and welcome dearest friends everywhere: the US, India, Canada, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, and Malaysia! 😉

Imposing irregular norm on you from a certain layer of society is hard to accept, but Colette insisted on having a place for such abnormal wrongful  standard among the group representing the semi-elite in that society.

Her immoral acts interpreted by some recent critics as courage which conveys confusion for young people raised up under good moral conditions. She was praised for using men and women to satisfy her sexual appetite which apparently was a big despicable one.
To the opposite of the opinion of some critics, as a group watching that movie, we didn’t like it, although we liked the actors who were living every moment of their livesin that movie.

Amy, Cheryl, Matt, Peter, and I would not recommend this movie for a family watch but it could be used for adult entertainment.

The point is that we expected  to see more of the life of a rebellion woman who, according to history, had more than her erotic tales and sexual issues. That was absent.GeekstoreJust another movie that was meant to entertain you and it might, but move on and try to enjoy what’s in the box coz it’s becoming harder a day after day to get more good ones. The only thing is that: you don’t want your kids to think that the abnormal norm could replace the normal one.

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