Unfair for Disney!

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It was supposed to be a nice movie that represents what Disney went through in order to achieve his dream, although his cream was not having that kingdom of Disney Land, but it failed tremendously in that aspect.

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The viewer’s expectation is to be dazzled. That is how Disney World has that exciting effect when that name is heard. Elements of failure for this movie were a lot, even with the simplest things such as getting a child who has the same features of that adult actor. It’s totally different person. Did that even occur to the producer to think of?!Walt

The movie “Walt before Mickey” was a disastrous representation of the real story of Walt Disney. You can watch the movie as a documentary if any.

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“Walt Before Mickey” is a pretty nauseating experience. The acting is bad, the direction is bad, the script is bad and the story is very uninteresting. Just because the man was legendary doesn’t mean his life merits a movie. On top of all that horrible camp, there is a voice-over that is supposedly in Walt’s own words, but all it does is insult the audience making it seem like they can’t follow the story. It’s presumably a family movie but what kid wants to see this?

Critics mostly agree that it was the worst movie that could give the right image to Disney’s life. 

A dull script, flat performances and lighting that would embarrass a wedding photographer ruin a promising Walt pre-DISNEY story.

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