From India!

Fight over land only if you can take it with you, when departing this life! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Singapore, Romania, and Trinidad & Tobago! 😉

Basu shared with you this beautiful Cybertecture Egg, Mumbai, India.


Call it quirky, strange or most unique, this building is a tough egg to crack…..The 33.000 square meters of the space are used as offices and three levels underground which provide 400 parking spaces. The building will have both office and living space and is located in Bandra, Mumbai.

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Image result for Cybertecture Egg, MumbaiThe creativity element, as it appears  in these  pictures, has extended all kinds of imagination to come up with this unique splendid building, and this is what you admire the most- the creative mind. Right?


Qatar Airways

Until we chat again, share with us your vision and expectations, get to know our topics, and get engaged, with our hugs and kisses


.Offices in India.

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