Change Your Birth Place?!

You can use both generously: the gem and the gym! 😉 Let’s start with our thank you for our dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, Russia, India, and the UK 😉

Carmen reminded us of a very unique letter that we received a while ago, talking about how to change your place of birth. 

Of course you know that there are people who change their names for one reason or the other. For example, a name that expresses certain ethnicity, the holder might experience hard time finding a job or applying to certain places, so the idea of changing Image result for name methe name comes up and is done. I guess it is justifiable!

In the meantime, it is possible that you don’t like the name your parent give to you. It’s a legitimate right to change your name. After all, nobody else would bear that name for a life-time except you. Thence, any name that you feel happy with, you just go ahead and take it. 

Because names carry certain indications such as origin, race, ethnicity, or others, it can create a bias against you among uncivilized people. Some short-sighted individuals once think that you belong to a specific tribe, they might take a stand from you based on their analysis for your name, which is completely wrong and bizarre. Many times your name has nothing to do with any inferences people try to come up with. They do it just for the sake of categorizing you for their own stereotypes.

Diversity now exists everywhere in our world. It’s time to widely embrace it, coz you are all born on Earth, unless you’re coming from somewhere else 🙄POB

But the letter we received and which Carmen was talking about was completely different. It was about the change of your birth place. Of course, your birth place also carry some inferences, which again will work for the bias you may get from narrow-minded people, who try hard to classify you. Sure it is creepy to have any judgement based on your place of birth.

Zack who sent the letter for us said that he was building a website that would enable people of changing their place of birth, and that very soon, all the bias and ridiculousness that exist related to that would disappear. He claimed that nobody would be able to classify others any more at one point.

OMG! This is quite interesting and we would love to know about that. The letter carried a question for you: “How would you feel about that?”

Until we get into more details, keep turning our pages, with our hugs and kisses

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