Juanys from Mexico, 1Zumba!

Dear friends from everywhere, thank you for visiting our pages, especially readers from the US, Brazil, n India 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, I would like to emphasize the length of the time, these interviews take. Nevertheless, they are quite an achievement, and the reason is that knowing people is not supposed to be brief and short. It’s on the contrary, it should take time and efforts. It should be enjoyed or enjoyable 😉

For this special interview, which took place on FB – 1ZumbaCircles Group – via messaging method, we were lucky to meet with Juanys De La Cruz, one of our most active members.

We were so happy that she shared with us all those  info to know her better, and to be more familiar with everything she was doing or interested in doing.

Our deep thanks go to Juanys wishing her all the best in her future plans.

  • Conversation started July 1

  •  Hey Juanys, Thank you for being such an active member with our group. Would you like to have an interview with 1Zumba.com? This would give a chance for honor certificate as well 🙂
  • Hello Juanys, Do you speak English?

    I wonder if you’d be interested in our chatting interviews, you’d be a very good candidate for one 🙂 (y)

  • Where’r you?

  • Juanys De La Cruz 8/1, 9:25pm Juanys De La CruzHi
  • Juanys De La Cruz 8/2, 9:37pm Juanys De La CruzHello not is much English I would love to chat but you have me a little patience.

    Sophie EssaySure! Many people do not speak good English. Your English is very good compared to others.

    If you read any of our interviews, you’ll see that it’s very simple. 🙂

  • Juanys De La Cruz8/3, 8:52pm, Juanys De La Cruz

    Hello thank you for returning me the English message do not understand much know lower an application to translate English to Spanish because I was struggling I hope I serve something thank you very much beforehand

  • You’re just doing great!

     May I know where do u live?
     I live in California.
  • Juanys De La Cruz 8/3, 8:56pm, Juanys De La Cruz

    I live in Mexico

  •  Sophie:

    Did u see one of our interviews? in 1Zumba.com?

  • Juanys De La Cruz

    8/3, 9:04pm

    Juanys De La Cruz

    Hello not have regarded well them interviews as work almost all the day domas put that I like what public but I’m going to put you more attention what public.

  • S: Great!

    We can chat one question only every day, is this good?

  • J: Yes to but you must have patience because I translate English to Spanish ok

    S: Yes sure 🙂

    Deal 🙂

    Thank You 🙂

    1- What color you like?

  • Sometimes, the translation is not accurate 100%

    Please let me know if this happened. 🙂 

    J: Hi as to my I love much the color black

  • S: Good! Do you work?

  • Juanys De La Cruz8/4, 9:53pm
  • S: What do you do?

  • J: I am a promoter of sales at Walmart stores

  • S: In Mexico?
  • J: Yes

  • S: What are your hobbies?

    When you are tired, let me know please.

  • J: OK 
  • S: Do you have hobbies?

  • J: Clear my hobby  is doing Zumba I love much

  • S: What is your dream?

  • J: Of course I have many dreams go ahead and thank God the State doing little by little my goal is to become a nurse and I am doing I’m studying for that and I’m doing that is my dream or not is to which you refer, or do you prefer

  •  S: Good!
     Great plan!

    Do you have a family?

  • Juanys De La Cruz 8/4, 10:32pm

    Juanys De La CruzYes, I have two children my daughter the biggest that is married and my son is the one who lives with me is 16 years old

  • Sophie Essay 8/4, 10:41pm Sophie EssayGreat! Does he go to school?
  • S: Good night! 🙂

  •  J: Good night 
  • Sophie Essay8/6, 11:02am

    Sophie EssayHi again, Fantastic family I can see. So what do you wish for your children?

  • Juanys De La Cruz

    8/6, 10:14pm

  • S: So do you like reading?

  • J: Yes

  • S: Have you read any post from 1Zumba.com 

    Never mind! I’m just asking.
    So how was your day?
  • S: Hi

     Do you wish to continue our chat?
     Are you happy?

    What kind of difficulties you have?

  • J: Do not have any problem

  • S: Not problems.Things that are hard in our lives

  •  S: Who is your favorite movie star?
  • J: Hello my artist is it Jennifer Lopez
  • Have you ever thought of being an actress or a singer?

  • Juanys De La Cruz Because you know when you like an artist you want to be like her as the artist who is talented if I would have liked to be a famous film but I am very proud of what I am
  • S: You are doing great.

     Do you have a daily routine?
     How do you plan your day?
  • J: well much work but all quiet

  • S: Do you make a schedule for things that you do?

  • Juanys De La Cruz Yes, clear all it have under control for all there is time
  • S: how many hours for yourself every day?

  • J: are 8 hours that work

  • S: Do you mean that every day you give yourself 8 hours, and the rest of the day for other things?

  • J: HACI is almost I spend the whole day working but I have time to study I am studying nursing and attend to my son and I do everything in the home as you say I have time for everything, and still I will zumba such
    S: Wow! This is really great!

     You are a good planner then, right?
  • J: Yes

  • S: Do you watch American movies? 

  • J: I am almost not very to see American films you know by the study

  • S: This is good

    But in the past, did you watch any American movie?

  • S: How about movies in general?

    or you do not waste your time at all?

  • S: What time is it now at your end?

  • J: Here are the 2:09 in the afternoon

  • S: Oh! So the difference between us and you only one hour? 

  • Yes 

  • Sophie Essay

    8/16, 7:28pm

    Sophie Essay
    how is your weather today?

  • Juanys De La Cruz

    8/16, 7:29pm

    Juanys De La Cruzwell this very nice

  • S: Is it raining a lot in winter?

    did you visit California recently?

  • J: not but hope to go if God wants in December to los Angeles California

  • S: Wow! let me know, probably I can help if you needed something 

  • J: Clear I would love much I go for the 9 of December so I teach them Angels 

  • S: So nice!

    Do you have family or friends in CA? 

  • J: no my brother invited me to a wedding meets his brother-in-law 25 years of marriage and I will parry invite

  • Yay!

    This sounds great! 

  • well if you can I’m not compelling but if you couple no matter can go with it no problem

  • August 17
  • Sophie Essay

    8/17, 2:00pm

    Sophie Essay

    I’m not sure I understand your last message, I think it is not accurate translation.

  • August 18
  • Sophie Essay

    8/18, 9:17pm

    Sophie Essay

    The translation is asking me if I can, that is why I do not understand.

    If I can what?

  • Juanys De La Cruz 8/18, 9:48pm

    what they do not understand what command you say no is typing to translate it in English not good

  •  Sophie Essay
  • 9/17, 10:58am

    Sophie Essay

    Oh! I understand. I just want to confirm. Thank you.

    That was quite a long chat, and we really enjoyed it. We hope that all of you would enjoy it too, and that you would come up with some new ideas, after hearing what Juanys, from Mexico, said about her life.

    We’ll move on into another new interview soon, and it would be from Spain, with one of the best members we have in our group as well. She would be a great addition to our 7000 SuperStars, exactly as were all the previous ones.

    Until then, here’s my kisses & hugs. Stay cool & good to each other ❤

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