She, 1Zumba, Shopping & Invention!

Welcome our new friends and readers from the US, Croatia, Brazil, the UK, Norway, Uganda 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, I guess, today, we have to give you a new piece of info as we used to, since you were asking for that lately.

Oh! Shopping is good for any stress to go away, but not safe for your pocket if you don’t have a precise budget 😉

Image result for two rich ladies

We’ll give you one new question in our competition, then answer few questions that were sent to us from other 1Zumba friends. Lastly we will tell you about something that grabbed our attention..

Question no. 91 in our competition, which is approaching its end in few days is:


Jerry, I think we talked about family issues before, and, in my opinion, the very reason many of us tend to postpone the word “Sorry” is that we feel too proud to say that. If you thought about it, it is not that something big or matter at all. 

If your brother did not want to admit his mistake  for being rude to you, and preferred to ignore the whole matter, just go with that. Let it go! One time, you’ll find him speaking about it. It will bother him more than you can imagine. Talking about it with you will come. Just give it time!

Steve, 1Zumba friend, it’s a good idea to participate in the election via post mail, if you will not be able to go to the ballot office nearby. I’m doing the same 🙂

Zuzzy, it’s the first time for me to meet someone with this name. Thank you for your nice compliments. Answering your question will take long explanation, but I would suggest that if you check on few online legal websites, you’d find some helpful answers. Otherwise, try to find an attorney, and get a free consultation to know what your chances are.

Meredith, learning is an ongoing process for each single one of us. It never ends or stops. There is no doubt about it, so seeking education at any age is a great thing to do. If you do not enjoy watching TV the way you described it, and attending school is an alternative, by all means, this is the right option, and I encourage you to follow your passion.

#1. Hour Glass LED Traffic Lights.

This is the last piece of our post today, the new LED lights display sand in a virtual hourglass. How it works is demonstrated below:

Whether it is practical or easy to shit to or not, this would be up to the usefulness of using it. It doesn’t matter that it’s a new invention. What matters is that if it is going to be good for the people to use or not. Is it economically useful? Is it going to save people money if it is applied or not.

Oh! We still have plenty of new things we want to talk about, but we need to take a fast break, then come back to you. Give me your kisses until we talk again ❤

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