Ur Guaranteed Pass- CA Real Estate Exam!

Dear friends, readers, & visitors from everywhere, especially from the US, Australia, Portugal, the UK, Vietnam, n Saudi Arabia. 😉

It’s a great pleasure to talk to you about “Your Guaranteed Pass”, which is a new e-book, for people who are interested in real estate, or want to pass the CA State Real Estate Exam.

It’s unique method is unprecedented since it was completely personal experience, that took about a whole year of arrangement.

This book is now alive online, and available for all of you, in many sites: here’s one!

I dedicate this e-book for my little Princess, my youngest beautiful daughter, who has a smile that would brighten the whole world, and to my sons. I wish them all best of luck in their lives, & to have wonderful families of their own.

It’s great to write a book about something that you experience yourself. When I heard a lot of complaints about not having enough books in the library to practice on the CA real estate state exam, I thought why not to try to pass that exam first, so that I would go through the whole experience; then, I can give a sound opinion about it, when I pass that exam.

CA Real Estate Exam E-Book

That was it! I put time, efforts, & a very strict schedule for studying real estate. I took three courses online, then I had the preparation by myself, depending on many sources, such as textbooks from the library, CDs from the Book stores and friends, in addition to online materials.

I cut down my gym to once a week. My writings, I limited them to one paragraph or two. No movies to watch at bed-time. No songs to listen to except classic music for better focus. Good nutrition, and one cup of coffee or tea a day. That formula worked for me like magic. It could work for you as well, but it all depends on other circumstances in your life.

This e-book is prepared specifically for those who intend to have the Real Estate Exam as a Salesperson, or as a broker, in California. There are things in common with other states, but it is still intended for California.UrGuaranteedPass-1Z

The license exam is not easy to pass, and I would recommend that if you can focus for a number of weeks on studying, it would very helpful for you. In other words, no work, no TV, not a lot of music or media, coz these are the elements that would give you distraction, and tend to make you forget what you need to memorize.

Yes, I said memorize, due to the fact that you would need a lot of memorization for definitions and real estate terminology. Not only for the facts presented in your textbooks, but also, for the formulas that you need to know to solve few mathematical problems.

This book has FIVE mock-tests; they are specifically designed to test your ability in answering the core questions, which would be expected to come to you in the State License test. If you need more information about the schedule for the CA state Real Estate Exam, you can go to their website.
Many questions will not only test the information written in your textbooks, but also it would test your ability in analyzing different situations, and applying the principles which were given to you during your studies. Trust me, if you do everything, in this book, exactly as it is written here, you would have a very high chance in passing this test.

Keep in mind that, you would need to sit to your chair for three hours and 15 minutes, there will be no time for revising all the questions, you would be lucky to finish all of them in the first place, since they are 150 questions. You are allowed to go to the rest room but it will be cut down from your time, unless you have health reasons, and applied for exception, long before the test.

They are multiple choice type of questions, but the tricky part about them is that mostly the choices are long, so you need to read carefully, and to analyze each word, to be sure exactly what it meant. Real Estate terminology, which is listed in the back of your book, is also important to be studied very well.

Here’s a nice joke I heard lately, since we talk about real estate:

Salesman: This computer will cut your workload by 50%. Property Manager: That’s great, I’ll take two of them.

About the Author

Dr. Sophie Essay is a UC Berkeley teacher, and she has studied particularly Real Estate being interested in it for a long time. She made a research for a whole year about how to pass the CA Real Estate License Test, in order to know exactly why students complained about its difficulty.

In order to address the students problems, she went through the whole experience of studying and passing the state exam, so she could find the right method to tackle their issues with valid solutions. She studied hard, she took that test, and she passed it; she went through the whole process herself, in a good positive way, and she consulted many experts in the real estate field as well.

It is a great asset to have this e-book edited & revised by Sam Mansen, who is a well-known brilliant businessman, MBA graduate, and an expert in Real Estate investment. He wrote a number of articles on Real Estate Investment in CA, and in the US in general.

He has a very rich background in real estate, with over 10 years of experience. He brings the best advice to all prospective real estate students, salespersons, or brokers. Sam, also, has many online posts, which contain some fundamental knowledge about real estate. He is also the owner of Robocopp Security devices companies.

I recommend this e-book : Your Guaranteed Pass: California Real Estate Exam for any one who is interested in passing the CA Real Estate Exam. It will help you revise the most important points that are required from you to remember. It will test your memory, and it will help you retrieve the info you have it stored deep down into your mind’s library. Good Luck. 😀

We’ll talk soon about something new, something you like, and something you probably wish to have. For now, just give us a big hug ❤


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