1Zumba Flair!

Thank you for being here with us now. Our best friends ever from the US, Australia, Morocco, & Philippines, welcome to our pages. 😉

Is there anything else we didn’t talk about?

Yes, of course. There is still plenty of billions of subjects right now out there. We, by ourselves, our team,  cannot  cover every single matter in life. We have limited capacities and resources. No body can. 😛

Let me give you few examples: if you check on any of the existing magazines, or any branch of science, you’d find millions of different ideas, fields and lines of talks, you wouldn’t imagine that it exist in the first place.

Secondly, you may not be interested in knowing about them. simply, it could be that it is not the right thing for you. 😕

You might like to hear the music but you’re not interested in reading the piano note. You might like to watch a documentary about monkeys, but you’re not interested in knowing about the anatomy of animals. But there might be someone else out there, who is very much interested in that subject.

The same exact subject that is of no interest to you whatsoever, could be the life matter of someone else. That is why science evolves, coz of these people with special interest in special subject. 

They are not smarter than you or anything like that, it just happened that they have the brains and love for this kind of matter. Of course there is millions of examples for people who appreciate very special fields and specialization to the extent that there is some areas of science, where there is only as few as one or two persons as experts in it.

In this magazine, you can see these different headlines, you are not going to click on all of them, you might choose one or two, which are of interest to you. Or may be there is none there which of interest to you at all. Or may be you’d click on each one of them, coz of any other reason. 🙂

Certainly, We encourage people to read, to take part in their communities, and to be a good example for their kids, taking their hands to the right path all the way. 😆

Never feel down when other people criticize you or try to put you down, coz this is one of the traits of human beings. They tend to be jealous of any creative person, anyone who step out of the hypnotized community they live in. The point is that we all live under the same umbrella, whether we like it or not.

Nobody will know all the words, and this will force us to be learners all the time, and to respect each one’s specialty in life.

This does not mean that you cannot talk about politics coz you’re not a politician, nor it means that you are not supposed to present a new idea in a certain field that you are not certified in. It’s kind of just virtual lining. 😀  Or you can call it 1Zumba flair 😉

We appreciate your company, and we’re waiting for your responses or comments. Just hang up there, and catch up with our previous post. It has a lot of good stuff in there. Kisses & hugs for all of you ❤



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