1Zumba Elvis

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ep2Typically, I am enchanted by all kinds of work performed by Elvis Presley; songs, movies, or any other form of performance. It is surprising how that American icon passed away without enough appreciation.

When I started reading about Elvis Presley, I felt that there was a mammoth culture I needed to catch up with. Too many people wrote nice words about him, while others didn’t. Girls and ladies were crazy about him.

ep3I wish I knew why I was so curious to know more about him. One reason was probably seeking the truth, may be that was what all of the writers had in common. However, as we all know, the truth is proportional. It has too many angles.

So far I didn’t read the word “hard-worker” although Elvis was an extremely hard-working person who earned his success from his nonstop performance. Coming from a poor family, also, affected his look for earning his living.

Some media people were jealous of his success. They kept spreading bad rumors about him, even after death. His wife wrote many things about him; her love was very clearly manifested in everything she stated about him.

Three of our 1Zumba instructors used Elvis’s songs in our 1Zumba classes and integrated them in their routines; “A Little Less Conversation”, “Viva Las Vegas”, “Blue Suede Shoes”, “ Hound Dog”, & others.

All of the songs were perfect for the movements, some slow ones were used in the stretching exercises which also was great. It was a good choice, since we have 1Zumba attendants who love Elvis Presley, as if he was still alive.

ep1With all these pictures of his, posted on FB, it feels as if he is still there, to say the least. 1Zumba with Elvis was fun, and many of my friends liked it, and even started using it at home, since all his songs are available via YouTube.com

Elvis was never too much for any female. He didn’t see himself higher than any person he knew. He was described by the majority that he was polite, humble, n that he respected everyone.

There was a deep profound love between Elvis and his fans. It was unexplainable love, no matter how deep you dig, to know if there was any specific reason, you wouldn’t find, except that he was giving everything he had in his performances.

zmHe was able to bring up the good qualities in people around him, making them feel happy.

This is one quality 1Zumba is giving people: to feel happy, and to refresh  your mind, to start a new day. 1Zumba is talking about everything you can think of, including your fitness in every aspect, whether physically, or others. It also talks about real stories from our lives. It shares our people’s experiences, and opinions about matters of life, we all live.

You should always check on our 1Zumba.com, and if you’ve never been there, why don’t you give it a try now. It’s your choice with or without 1Zumba Elvis 😉

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