1Zumba Babies

My thanks are always given to our current readers, and our new friends from the US, Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, France, Italy, & the UK 😉

Respect. What about it? Not only I love each one of you, but also I respect each one of you!  Wherever you are, whatever you do, no matter what your cultural background is, etc. Nothing matters except the fact that you are a human being and this is what matters the most my dear 1Zumba friend. I do respect you!

In 1Zumba classes, it is nice to be courteous to loothers, and to respect them. Sometimes, out of zeal for exercise some do not control their eagerness, n push away others around them.

Many attendees, in some of my classes, have complained about this sort of irritating behavior in class, coz we’re supposed to be having fun, not to be stressed out more, and certainly not to be competing or fighting over standing in the first line, right behind our instructor.

It’s not only childish, but also disrespectful, especially when someone goes half an hour or more earlier,  to be in the front lines, while someone is reserving 2 or 3 spots for people who are not there, or might not even show up at all.

Talking about 1Zumba classes for beginners, I encourage those who never tried 1Zumba before, to start
gradually with 1Zumba basics,  similar to a child learning how to talk. It makes sense that when you first is not able to talk, your mom tells you stories at bed time. I remember the first story I came up with to tell my babies. It was called “The Duck & The Cat”

It was simple, very simple. For them to remember the words, and for myself to recall it as well every time I narrate it. 🙂 It says:


Once, there was a duck. It was a very special duck. Its feathers were heavy and satin-touch like. Its white color was very white as the whitest white one could ever see. Its best friend was a white cat. The cat was almost the same size as the duck. The hair of the white cat was very white. It was thick but fluffy like a fur.

It was funny to see a duck playing with a cat! There was a small park right next to their homes, where they enjoy running and playing. Their best favorite game was playing with a ball. They had a small red ball. Each of them could hold the ball in its mouth. The duck would kick the ball with its leg, and pick it up with its beak. The cat would hold the ball with its mouth, and roll it over with its chin.

Sometimes, it kicks the red ball hard with its leg. One time ……………One time the cat kicked the red ball very hard, so it floated fast in the air, and landed in the park’s lake. The duck told the cat: “Do not worry, I can get it!” The duck stepped down into the lake, swimming smoothly along the lake, until it caught the red ball with its beak. The duck got out of the water proudly, and continued happily playing with the cat.

Another time, the duck shot the ball really fast, so it flew up in the sky and landed on a branch of a huge tree. That time, the cat said to the duck: “Do not worry, I can jump and get our ball back!” The cat jumped up into the tree and pushed the ball down the tree so the duck could get it.

The duck was happy and so was the cat. They continued playing with the red ball every time they go to the park. That was their best game ever. But the red ball was not just any ball! Also the white duck was not any duck! In fact, the same goes for the white cat; it was not any cat!

Next time, I will tell you all about the secrets of the red ball, the white duck, and the white cat. Until then, good night 🙂

My point is 1Zumba players better  take it easy at the beginning, then gingerly do the hard movements, or the moves that you feel you will never be able to do. Let it come to you a step by step. Do you see my point?

I wish you do! I wish you do, my 1Zumba Babies 😉

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