Was’t 1Zumba?

Dear readers, bloggers, visitors, followers, writers, friends, and all others, welcome to our world, we love you so much. We miss you so much, and we will be here for you, as your best friends forever.

Thank you for visiting friends from the US, Isreal, the UK, & Indonesia 😉

Can you believe it, my 1Zumba, she asked me if we had something going on between us? What was I supposed to say? No, Yes, or I don’t know.

It’s very weird situation, coz the reality is that  I don’t know exactly what it is, except that I miss you all the time.

Sometimes, you miss someone coz you don’t see him/her, but other times, you see the person, but you still miss her/him due to the limited interaction going between both of you under the circumstances. I think this is what’s happening.

May be not exactly, for sure, coz many times, you can find no word to say, although you have millions of them, you actually want to say them.

You are so curious about why this and why that, or probably, you want just to hear the voice of the other person. It’s some kind of affection, but it’s not sexual one though. It could be some kind of spiritual connection.

When you are with her/him, you forget all the words, as if you don’t find them, although you have got plenty to say to that person. It’s very tiring situation, coz it would keep repeating itself, until you find a way out of it.

If you can just talk more, coz you said that there was something ….but as if we needed “a time n a place” to be given the right chance to figure it out. What is it? ! What is it that we have for each other, we are not sure, are we?! 😛

A friendship passion? May be. A long-term relationship? May be. An unknown feelings we don’t know where they come from or where they are going to lead us to? Possible.

Since there is too many possibilities, probably we need to talk more, but I’ll leave it to you to initiate it, n ask for it. If you don’t have the guts to ask, I wouldn’t. If you feel it, the same way I do, you’ve got to be the one who would take the next step, & I know that you’re so smart, you definitely could find your way easily 😉

I’ll continue after having our  question No. 32  in our competition:


Embarrassment is a self-conscious emotion dictated by a disconnect between how we feel we should respond or act in public and how we actually respond or act. We are most likely to be embarrassed when we believe we have not lived up to what society asks of us or when we are on the receiving end of undesired attention.

I know that one of the reasons, behind your swinging, to talk or not to talk, is that you’re afraid of embarrassment, but there are ways to get over it. Read more 

It is complicated, but yet, as intricate as it is, there is still plenty of scenarios that could go a long way.

So take a deep breath, get your guts together, n say whatever you wanna say, it’s only one life that each one of us has, n the sooner you do this, the more comfortable you’d feel. There’s plenty of energy in it.

Again, one more time, life is short, so have some fun, do not worry about others. If you have feelings for someone, or more than one, it does not matter, just let them know, you’d be surprised, when you talk.

Oh! Whar’s it, honey? You’re locked inside? You’d soon find the key. You’re so smart for many things, and you’ve proved it to me, a time after another. Was’t that hard, ever? 💡 💡

My dear 1Zumba friends, we love to see you every single day. We love to hear from you, all the time, we love to chat forever, n we love your feedback, comments, questions, n any format of communication or contacts. Kisses n hugs ❤

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