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    Hello & welcome our new friends from the US, the Uk, Turkey, Canada, n Norway 🙂  Some technical issues are coming up, now and then,n we will deal with it 😉

    I promise you it will not spoil our mood for our wonderful post today, coz it has a new interview with a special person from India. Now India, I think is number 2 in the number of the interviews we have so far, after the USA.

    Certainly, we wish to have more interviews with all of you from all over the world, to know more about the different cultures and traditions of each of you. What are your dreams, your wishes, your lives, your future, and most importantly your message for your other friends, in other words, for us 😉

    So here is how it went to get the lovely interview with our dear member Aakash, from 1ZumbaCircles Group, and 1Zumba.com:

    Sophie Essay: Hello Aakash,
    You mentioned that you’re interested in an interview, right? 🙂 

    1Z+India.jpgAakash Sonu Parakh  6/25, 7:50pm  Aakash Sonu Parakh

    M agree

    Sophie Essay:  Ok! How would you introduce yourself?

    Aakash Sonu Parakh 6/25, 11:05pm Aakash Sonu Parakh

    M sonu jain here from india

    M single n free from lebelites 

    M owner at chemist shop n property business

    M ready to leave it all n want to start a new life 

  • Great! What is your favorite color? What is your dream? 

  • Aakash Sonu Parakh 10:27am, Aakash Sonu Parakh

    White n blue

  • Sophie Essay 10:30am, Sophie Essay

    Where do u see urself in 5 years from now?

  • Aakash Sonu Parakh 10:33am, Aakash Sonu Parakh

    N my dream is want to be fly around the world n want a female friend who is limitless n we do infinite faith n care for each other

  • Sophie Essay 10:35am, Sophie Essay

    This is so nice, how about other people around you, do you have many friends n relatives?

  • Aakash Sonu Parakh10:35am, Aakash Sonu Parakh

    I think after five years I will bcm owner of a resorts on highway which is nearby a airport n I will stay with natural climate n persons like me

    Ya I have a lot of reletive n frnds but m not responsible for them

  • Sophie Essay10:38am, Sophie Essay

    Have you ever traveled? What kind of hobbies do u have? Any general interests? or special ones?

  • Aakash Sonu Parakh10:38am, Aakash Sonu Parakh

    No one can stop me flyin

  • Sophie Essay10:40am, Sophie Essay

    Great! Any favorite activities? Any food preference? Why?

  • Aakash Sonu Parakh10:42am, Aakash Sonu Parakh

    M travel thailend six year ago

    M non alcoholic non smoking non tabbaccu n also non using tea

    I love nature generated things like water mountain sea beach clouds n all

    But I like to watch party dance smoke n all but didn’t use muself

  • Sophie Essay10:46am, Sophie Essay

    How about movies, what kind of movies do u prefer to watch? why?

  • Aakash Sonu Parakh10:48am, Aakash Sonu Parakh

    I like too eat salad n dal n only two green vegetable matar n chana

    I love too watch movies

    Soft romantic movie n fast car rasing n all

  • Sophie Essay10:51am , Sophie Essay

    Do u remember the name of ur favorite movie?

  • Aakash Sonu Parakh10:52am, Aakash Sonu Parakh

    I usually like all sports too

    Titenic type

    Fast n furious n avengers searise

    Not like conjurini  

  • Aakash Sonu Parakh10:53am, Aakash Sonu Parakh
  • Sophie Essay10:54am, Sophie Essay

    Is it American movie or Indian one?

  • Aakash Sonu Parakh10:54am, Aakash Sonu Parakh


    Hollywood movie

    Tell about you

  • Sophie Essay10:57am, Sophie Essay

    Have you checked our website, where we have these interviews published? 🙂

  • Sophie Essay10:59am, Sophie Essay

    It started as a student project, then it expand to include all life matters. It’s very interesting, informative, & I hope you like reading 🙂

    I am 1Zumba.com 🙂

  • Aakash Sonu Parakh11:02am, Aakash Sonu Parakh

    Tell elaborately 

  • Sophie Essay11:04am, Sophie Essay

    I just need to conclude our interview first, and to ask you which photos you would like to be posted with your article?

    Some guests prefer to use their profile photos, n others prefer to provide new ones, it’s up to you. 🙂

  • Aakash Sonu Parakh11:05am, Aakash Sonu Parakh

    U can upload my pics too

    R u male or female

  • Sophie Essay11:06am, Sophie Essay

    F. Great! Is their any message you would like to convey to our readers?

    Thank you for having me as a guest in your site.


    Thank you for your interview, we’ll be in touch. Once it’s edited n approved for post, I’ll send u the link. Have a wonderful day. 🙂 


    I hope that you’ve enjoyed our journey with Aakash, he’s been such an open-minded guy. I loved his transparency and frankness. Our deep thanks to him for sharing  all of this with us here. 🙂


    Until we chat again soon, take good care of yourself. Drive safely, and be cool. I’ll miss you as usual, until we chat some more; probably I’ll get you a new question in our competition, along with a new pairing for a special recipe. So here’s our kisses & a big big hug


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