The Key, 1Z!

Thank you for being here with us. Our new post’s big thanks go to the US, South Korea, Uganda, Tunisia, n Philippines 😉

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Similar to this picture, we hope to see each one of you, in the same cheerful mood you can feel with this couple. 😉

Image result for happy coupleOf course, you can also see that key, which is behind that happiness on their faces. This is the key for their new home. They have just received their key after buying this beautiful home in Concord, and I was the lucky one to make sure that the key became in their possession.

Many people tend to live in their homes for long periods of time, but this young couple only stayed in their previous home for two years. I, myself, tend to move a lot.

Moving used to be difficult in the  past, but the concept of moving have gradually changed with our new generations. The main reason is that work place has become unstable. There is no more tendency to stay in the same job for long years. The maximum could be five or even less.

With that new trend in mind, the regulations have changed, or in some states in its way to change. Six months of work would be enough in some cases, not two years of consistent pays, as it used to be before. Well, it makes sense, right?

We encourage Image result for happy couplepeople to move and try various areas and various types of living. You don’t have to live all your life in one city, and nowhere else. This approach is an old school now. Life is wide open, and you can move freely wherever you want.

Our company, Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale Home Service, using the latest up-to-date technology makes it easier for people now to sell or buy properties anywhere in CA, or in other states.

Its success is basically derived from the plan we put for each person according to her/his needs and resources.

I would love to see a similar happiness smile on your face, so call me if you’re thinking about it, and I will make sure that you’d get what you’re looking for, in addition to a completely free complimentary one-hour consultation in our office.

As for our competition, the question no. 81  is:


Wishing you all the best with your answers.

Our prizes were announced many times on FB, and in many of our posts, pls catch up with every post have in its category the word “competition”.

Here’s our hugs & kisses for all of you. Take good care of yourself, and enjoy your time ❤

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