Is This What You Think, 1Z?

Hello everyone, it seems to be a long journey, but it’s just started, for many of us. Welcome to our pages dear friends and readers from the US,  Japan, and all other spots worldwide 😉

Still few number of questions are left in our competition,  so keep up your answers all together on one documents if you can, or you can send them in two parts- the first 50 together, and the last 50 together.

Our question no.8O is as follows:



My dear 1Zumba friend, I intended to talk about the secrets of having top sales in this post, but instead, one of my dearest friends asked me many questions about how to control our lives, to which I decided to respond briefly, yet to the best of my understanding of life.


If you have any insights in this topic, pls share it with all of us. It’s too much fun to hear comments about this vital subject.

Can youImage result for thirsty guy control your thirst? Can you control you hunger? Can you control your physical basic needs? Obviously you know the answers to all these questions.

So if you can’t and that is already proven to you, to all of us. What then make you think that you are in control for your life?

What on Earth could have given you that thought except, of course, media, or people around you, or others.

Then if this is true, and we can not control our lives, why can’t we just enjoy it? Because life is full of tricks.Image result for best night club dancing

Life tricks make us imagine that there is some kind of happiness somewhere out there, and we cannot reach that point of great happiness. We imagine that we should be working harder to get there. No matter how high we achieve, there is always more that we want!

Image result for drinking and playing pokerIt’s a game. Not only that, but it is a cunning game, so if you did not fully enjoy yourself, I’d say that you fell into life’s traps.

Once you did, it’s hard to get out of there, coz it keeps changing its colors & its promises; every time you decide to leave,  it smiles at you, pretending that it would get you where you want.

Once you are so desperate finding your way out, it runs after you, widely opening its arms for you, to have you step into another unknown destiny. She never stops! 

In conclusion, if you can’t do anything about it, just enjoy it!!!

Until we talk again, enjoy every moment in your life; it’s so short. Here’s my kisses & my hugs. Love you all ❤

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