1Zumba “Pro” Magic Chair!

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Do you think it’s hard to speak about a new thing? Of course not. Inventions are there on a daily basis. Our smart human minds never stop thinking of something new, and 1Z-prochair.jpguseful in the eyes of the inventor, later on, in the eyes of the consumer. right?

Our first new invention is “The ProPILOT self-driving chair ” which will help to ease the stress of standing in lines.

Equipped with the same autonomous driving technology that self-driving cars use to maintain a consistent distance from the car ahead, each ProPILOT chair will monitor the chair in front of it in line.

When the first chair in the line is emptied by the occupant getting up, that chair will move back to the end of the line. The chair that was just behind the lead chair will then move up automatically to take its place—moving the occupant along with it.


Our second part is question no. 82 in our competition, which asks you the following:


Due to our packed schedule for tomorrow, we have to say good bye for now. Until we meet again, try to catch up with our previous articles. We would love to hear from you any suggestions or questions.

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