Invest in Jaw-Dropping!

Truly thank you for being here on Thanksgiving’s day! Friends from the US, Croatia, the UK, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, & Germany, welcome to our new post 😉

We talked yesterday about investing in your family, health, mood, money, body, friends, etc. We spoke about  Julie, 1Zumba friend, and what happened to her, with the rest of her girls’ group.

“How about the mood? what did you mean invest in your mood?” That was Dalia’s question, to which  we had many responses from our readers, and our students.

Here’s one:

Image result for invest in your mood

This is an investment in your mood, it is not about mattress, as it looks like in this picture. Why? Because what you want to get to, if you went to buy that mattress, is actually the mood of happiness the couple have, or pretend to have.

To be in a good mood is artful, and needs two things: first to know yourself quite well, and second, to get all the training you need. Are you surprised? Don’t be, because this is the truth.

Sometimes, people drive their cars for more than 10 years, or probably their whole life, and they still do not know everythingImage result for fixing her car about their vehicles, because they are not interested enough to go through all these twisted wires and pipes, all what they want is a ride. It is the same exact principle.

Many of us want their bodies just to do their jobs, but they do not want to go through all the details, to know how their brain is working, or how their stomach is digesting the food, and giving them the energy to move.

They understand that sometimes they are not in a good mood, but it will go away, and they will become in a good mood one more time. They don’t want to worry about moods, or they may not have the time to do that.

However, being in a good mood is proved to be one of the most important element to be a successful person. Related imageThink about it for a moment? Have you ever liked to approach a bad mood person ?

Marina, 1Zumba friend, suggested that drinking one of your favorite drinks can bring back your good mood, or trying a new drink occasionally. I would say may be that would work, and you need to try these things in order to figure out what best ways work for you.

Another suggestion was to watch few of your preferred videos or movies, which is also a nice way to deal with yourself, and test your mood, and if it would respond favorably to this method. Music also has it magic on one’s mood.Image result for couple in your mood

Playing a game with yourself or with a friend is a pretty smart way of getting rid of bad moods as well, opening new windows for clear thinking.

How about exercise? That too, could be one of the best solution; it actually work for me more than anything else. I feel fresh and full of energy, but I like to work out no matter what mood I am in.

The bottom line is that everyone can have her own clues in having a good mood. You need to know exactly what would bring you in this good mood, if you want to be productive, and successful. Test yourself, and use different approaches, until you find it. It is better to be ready when you need it.

Shall we expect your feedback soon, especially with our eBooks. Do you have a jaw-dropping pose now? 😆  😉

Love you all guys, shall we take a shot break? Ok! Kisses

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