Invest in Jaw-Dropping, 1Zumba!

The post is updated and re-edited. Leave few words with our greetings. 🙂


Truly thank you for being here on Thanksgiving’s day! Friends from the US, Croatia, the UK, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, & Germany, welcome to our new post 😉

We talked yesterday about investing in your family, health, mood, money, body, friends, etc. We spoke about  Julie, 1Zumba friend, and what happened to her, with the rest of her girls’ group.

“How about the mood? what did you mean invest in your mood?” That was Dalia’s question, to which  we had many responses from our readers, and our students.

Here’s one:

Image result for invest in your mood

This is an investment in your mood, it is not about mattress, as it looks like in this picture. Why? Because what you want to get to, if you went to buy that mattress, is actually the mood of happiness the couple have, or pretend to have.

To be in a good mood is artful, and needs two things:…

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