Do you like happy-ending stories or realistic-ending ones?! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, the UK, and Canada 😉

When the money loses its value and the prices go up and the consumers are not able to buy commodities the way they used to, this is inflation.

When the cost of living is higher than the average income, this is inflation.

When the prices of gas continues to sore up, this is inflation.

However the media tells us that everything is OK. The prices are good and the jobs are great. The people are happy and the world is rosy!

GeekBuying.comIs this true?

young troubled woman using laptop at home
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Melissa commented that last week, the district laid her off, after she spent 7 months in training to be a sub-teacher, studying and taking tests. Finally, after she was hired, she got laid off after two months.

It’s terrible. She was told there was no budget for that program any more. The program failed to meet the needs of students in that area. Melissa was devastated. She planned her life according to the expectations to have at least two jobs a week. 

Melissa would not be able to pay her rent or to support her child, since she had one youngster. Although we feel sorry for her, but we still hope that tomorrow would be a better day for her and for all of you 🙂

In the meantime, the minimum wage is going up in Australia. Good for them. May be Australia’s economy is better than ours. Mary, my daughter’s friend, moved to Australia last year with her job. Good for her, I guess.

Until we chat again about more cheerful topic, here’s our hugs and kisses

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