Your Dad’s Day!

Just ask for the unseen to be seen; it’s just right in front of your eyes! 😉 Thanks for your presence, we appreciate hearing from you, especially friends from the US,  Canada, India, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Singapore 😉

Dad’s day is approaching, and I’m thinking with my friend/coworker, Zinzi, that if you’re going to buy your dad a present, try to make it meaningful. 


By making the right choice that would go with the nature of work your dad is doing. BasuFor example, if he is working late nights, and he needs to be more secured and protected, buy him something like Basu e-alarm.

If your dad was young and active, you can think of a nice watch, wallet, or Basu special  speaker on which he can put his cell phone and listen to the best sound ever that is produced by a handy size speaker. He can take it to his office and use it frequently without the need to carry a radio or to listen via his cell with that low volume that can hardly heard no matter how good your i-phone is.

Another example if your dad is elderly and inactive, does not go to work and physically hard to move, in this case probably you need to cheer him up with a combination of few flowers, the latest dvd the genre he likes, and the latest E-Alarm GPS that came up recently to the market by as well.

Zinzi, Catherine, Polly, and I are all convinced that Basu was able to come up with a number of reasonable new fashionable products that cover your security; a real protection for you or for any member of your family. Moreover, it’s life-time guaranteed, who does that?!

Put a smile on your dad’s face. Happy Father’s Day!

Until we talk again, check on flowers, Basu products, your updated topics, with our hugs and kisses


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