Your eyes have a power that needs more of your attention! 😉 Welcome back and thanks for your questions/comments friends from the US, India, Canada, the UK, Chile, Romania, Denmark, Russia, South Africa, and Brazil 😉

It’s quite hot today.

May be it’s nice to have a puzzle, which reminds me that I used puzzles in my classes for developing creativity with my students. The results of their work was amazingly surprising. Each one of them has his own way of creating his puzzle model. I only provided the words without asking to have them vertically or horizontally. Only words that I wanted to reinforce their meanings. Some of them were short while others were long, but its total number didn’t exceed twenty.Word Puzzle Shapes

If you like to know more about that unique experimental class, feel free to email me. It was very successful method, and the students were so engaged like never before.

Here’s  your puzzle for today. In five days, we’ll post the right answers. Good luck 🙂Puzzle

Until we talk again, enjoy your reading, contemplate, pay attention, and reflect on your topics, with our hugs and kisses


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