Welcome back dear friends from the US, India, Canada, Chile, Romania, the UK, Russia, South Africa, and Brazil 😉

Deborah and Cheryl joined the forces and came up with a new way of having a vacation. Last week we were talking to students about what they were going to do during summer holiday.  Some said they were heading back to their families to spend time home; others mentioned that they had plans to visit other places in CA coz they didn’t have time to do that during the semester when they had to work and study.

Deborah and Cheryl thought of planning a number of summer sight-seeing days for the students who decided to stay in the Bay Area during the summer time, and they came with a plan for the six weeks holiday time, where the students and their families can have a chance to see more of the Bay Area.

Most of the time, people do not know enough about the nice places they miss, thinking only of the big touristic points, usually having short periods of time to cover plenty of places.

. Jack London Square
. Oakland Zoo
. Lake Merritt
. Mount Diablo

San Francisco:
. The Golden Gate Bridge and Park
. SF ZooSF Zoo
. SF Piers
. Alcatraz Island
. Science Museum
. Ocean Beach

. Downtown Berkeley Restaurants
. UC Berkeley Campus
. Berkeley Marina


There is plenty of places to cover, as Cheryl said, could you ever visit all those places? Hmm! Deborah reminded us that you agreed before that nobody could see everything, so covering part of it would be great and enjoyable. The most important thing is that you’d have a super vacation with fantastic new memories. 🙂

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