Pier 39 Disappearance Trick, 1Z?!

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Pier 39, San Francisco, CA   7/9/2016, by Sophie

Yesterday I mentioned that I would tell you about a funny incident happened with the magician on Pier 39 in SF, CA. But let’s laugh first with this joke , which was sent to us by Sue, one of our 1Zumba followers:

A man was sitting having coffee in his girlfriend’s flat. There was a knock at the door. “Oh dear,” said the girl, “that must be my husband.” “Your husband?” said the man. “I didn’t know you were married. What am I going to do?” “Well,” said the girl, “there’s only one door, so you’d better jump out of the window.” “The window?” said the man. “But you live on the 13th floor!” “Oh! This is no time to be superstitious, ” replied the girl.

Back to our fast visit to Pier 39 in San Francisco, California. I would recommend it for everyone I know. It’s full of life and entertainment and shopping. Nice restaurants, nice rides, nice games.


Anyway, there was a small theater where there was a magician to perform few acts, and there was plenty of people sitting in rows opposite to him. He seemed to be a good guy, but sometimes the winds bring wrong blows.


After few acts, he was about to conclude his show, saying that he was going to perform the most difficult part of his show, which was making someone disappear. No one wanted to volunteer for that. So he asked the audience: “how about one of your dogs, and there were few around with their dogs.”¬†

The modern Italian Greyhound originated in Italy about 2,000 years ago when Italians starting breeding the naturally born smaller sized Greyhounds, which eventually resulted in the modern Italian Greyhound. This breed was created to be a companion animal and they were favorites with the Romans and English nobility. Wanna know more about the Italian Greyhound? Click the photo!:

One old lady agreed and gave him her dog. It was cute grey¬†little dog. I think it might be Italian Greyhound. Anyway, the magician started saying few words, after he put the dog inside a huge pot. He covered the pot, and waved with his stick touching the pot from the outside three times. Then asked everyone to call the dog’s name “Spiky”. They did, but he wanted it to be louder. So they did. ūüėõ

Then he opened the pot, and the dog disappeared. Oh! Before he started that act, he made sure to show all of us that the pot was not open or broken from any side at all.

Guess what happened next. He covered the pot again, and asked the people to call the dog’s name one more time, to get him return back to where he was inside the pot, which they did. But this time, the dog didn’t come back to where he was. There was a bit of smoke coming from the pot. We didn’t know what it was.

1Z-Disp Trick.jpg

He kept trying and trying to get back the dog, but in vain.

We had to leave before we could see what happened after that, coz the old lady started screaming at the magician, and threatening that she would call the police.

Let’s talk some more in a a little while. Until then, give me your big hug. Love you all ‚̧

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3 thoughts on “Pier 39 Disappearance Trick, 1Z?!

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  2. I’m Jonathan.
    What is the last magic trick?
    Why did no one want to volunteer for magic trick?
    How about the result of the magic trick?

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    1. Thanks for your comment Jonathan, the last magic trick was for the dog to disappear. No-one dared to volunteer, coz may be they were nervous about it.
      The result was the disappearance of the dog! Thanks again. ūüôā


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