Pigeons’ Talk!

What a beautiful weather! 😉 Thank you and welcome our friends and readers from everywhere especially from the US, Egypt, and Denmark 😉

How many did you cross out of pictures in our video so far ? We still have plenty to go though.

Some researchers said that pigeons talk, so we decided to listen secretly to two pigeons’ talk.

Two pigeons Talk

. Hey, can you see the end of this sea from here?
. Hard, I have to fly up there trying to see it
. May be later
. Why do you want to see the end of this sea?
. To know
. Then whe you know what’re you going to do?
. Store this knowledge.
. Keep going, after that storage step.
. I might use it in the future if I needed it.SophiePigeonsTalk
. Needed it for what, silly?
. Have nothing in mind now, but you know we don’t know everything
. yes i know that.
. we have to keep storing our knowledge.
. That’s i don’t understand.
. In order to retrieve accumulated data, sometimes it takes forever.
. But it would be helpful when needed. For example you see how
Google have that search engine, where you’d be able to see all info at the tip of your fingers.
. Yes
. So where do you think this all info came from, huh? It came from storing the data or the knowledge.
. Ugh, I’m already bored
. what do you want to do?
. I want to have a dive into that beautiful water out there.
. Hmm, we can’t do that. We are birds and we didn’t learn how to swim.
. Ugh, why don’t you do some search may be there is a way for pigeons to swim after all!

Until we chat some more, stay cool and take a deep dive into our topics, with our hugs and kisses


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