Energy Renovation Methods, 1Zumba!

Hello hello friends!  Great to chat to you again! You are amazing, guys, from the US, Spain, Norway, the UAE, Germany, Russia, Croatia 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, it is no secret that we all need energy all the time. The best ways to get a quick boost for our energy is to use one of the most common exercises that would immediately generate great energy in our bodies, like no other. 🙄

These are the seven exercises that my family & I depend on, most of the time:

1- Breath Deeply:

2- Seated Worrier:

Seated W.jpg

3- Down-Facing:

Image result for down-facing exercise

4- Jump- Rope Exercise:

Image result for jump rope exercise

5- Crunch Exercise:

Image result for crunch exercise

6- Ball Exercise:

Image result for Ball exercise

7- Walk:

Related image


I guess, this is simple and easy to apply. You can choose one or two, it depends on your time, and the best ones that work better for you.

Good luck, and have a wonderful time with your great energy renovation methods.

We’ll talk more shortly, after this break. Kisses ❤


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