Welcome back friends from the US, India, Philippines, the UK, Switzerland, Malaysia, Sweden, and South Africa 😉

May be some new fashion styles for ladies will cheer you up a bit. Some girly ways of having some inspirational elevation might be through using make-up, nail polish, or dresses.

It seems that this summer the comfy trend is prevailing in fashion world. Oh! Coz it’s hot, naturally you need loose bright colors or colors that suit your complexion, isn’t that fun  

The colors are all in fashion, don’t ask me how, but this is the case. All big names in fashion used every color, so here’s your opportunity to mix old and new to your best usage. You can add the essentials to your wardrobe, such as a white blouse, a black pencil skirt, or a golden belt. These are always in fashion.

As for men, the top Parisian trend for 2018 was the stripes. Try it, may be it would go with all the real-life situations that you live with, who knows?! In the meantime, when I showed that picture to my son, and asked him if he liked it, his answer was: “Yes, but ..”! 🙄

paris fashion week mens ss18 mens trend stripesAnother interesting story, related to stores’ bags, Sufa had over-the-phone with one of our friends few minutes ago, and he will tell you about it soon in our next post.

Until then, keep turning our pages, and get your real inspiration, with our hugs and kisses


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