1Zumba Fashion

Thank you our new readers from the US, n Brazil 😉 We do thank everyone everywhere who takes the time to read our posts every single day.  We love you all, and we are always here for you. 😉

We appreciate your comments and your emails, so keep sending!


I am so proud of my students, they prove to be extremely outstanding and competitive! You are the best, my dear students. 😉

Today is my shopping day with my daughter, so we probably will start with Macy’s, then Penny, then who knows, we’ll see. We just have too much to do, right?!

I’m looking for new summer outfits, and so is she. You know as they say “One should choose what would be comfortable and elegant at the same time”. I’ve seen few fashion shows lately; my daughter tends to wear a combination of classic & fashionable dresses.

My friend, Sally told us that there is a fashion show on SUN, APR 10 AT 12:00 PM, RESEDA, CA, More.  We would love to see it. You know why? Not necessarily to buy something directly from the show, but rather to see the trends they have; sometimes it is a new theme of colors, sometimes it ‘s a hat to wear as an accessory with your outfit; other times it is the belt, and how to show the best parts of your body. 

Most people, especially teachers care for how they look around their students, coz they send a message through the colors they choose, and the fashion they are following.

Being outdated is something undesirable when you are in the media field, as well;  or when you are constantly in contact with people. You’ve got to be aware of what’s going on around you, and not necessarily blindly imitating/copying it, right?

Jimmy yesterday said: “Elegance is not in the outfit you’re wearing, it’s in the way you speak to people; it’s in the way you address a matter. It’s something more delicate than being dressed fashionably”. I tend to agree with him, what do you think? If you watch the way Trump or Clinton are wearing, you would realize that they sometimes send the wrong messages to the crowds, coz they didn’t choose carefully what they wear!

As it was announced on Facebook- 1ZumbaCircles Group, we devised a new useful tool, to be used by those who are interested in becoming  fitness instructors or trainers. It is simple, direct, & easily applicable, as long as you  are physically fit. In few hours it is going to be posted on our site 1Zumba.com, and it would be available for all of you, followers of 1Zumba.com only

I would like to remind you that if you do not wish to receive notifications about our new posts on a daily basis, you can easily do that, and you can still keep your membership with us, I can assure you that. Email jazzy@1Zumba.com if you don’t know how to do that.

We love you so much dear friends, and we wish you all the best all the time. Stay cool, and enjoy your 1Zumba fashion 😉

Until we talk again, here’s my kisses 😉

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