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Hello  1Zumba friends!

My nephew is going to Vegas for this weekend. He is invited by his best friend to spend this weekend with him, visiting casinos, and watching magic tricks, which I personally love the most. I attended several magic shows in Las Vegas, and all of them were quite outstanding. The most famous ones were by David Copperfield, and  Criss Angel.

I heard about Houdini, who was very well known in the magicians’ world, and who had tricks nobody else never knew how he did them. I am sure magicians must make a lot of money in their shows. But a number of them do not practice it for money. Their enjoyment is for having people watching them doing their tricks. That surprise or shock that most people have on their faces when they watch something strange inexplicable to their logic. Their minds starts playing “how could this or that happened?”. Remember I told that our minds have a curiosity center, which detects any new thing that is introduced to it. 

There were too many rumors around the death of Houdini, but the offical one was that it was due to “of peritonitis, secondary to a ruptured appendix at 1:26 p.m. on October 31, 1926 in Room 401 at Detroit’s Grace Hospital…” Sad, he was only 52, very talented in his field, but neglected his doctor’s advice. :/

It is just another world, my dear 1Zumba friends, and when I opened that door, I read stories that would make you hold your breath until you reach its end, not only with one of them but almost with each single magician, there is a very interesting hidden story, and you’ve got to dig deep down there in order to be able to reach it. I invite you all to read more about it.

Let’s say “See you later” for now, and we will continue talking about more stories from the magicians’ world! Let’s celebrate 1Zumba Magic for now, raising up a glass of orange juice, or whatever you like to drink. With my love SophieChannel



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