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Irma was supposedly a fictional character stood for the prostitute figure, for whom men would go crazy. In the movie called “Irma La Douce” produced in 1963, Shirely MacLain was the main character or Irma, and Jack Lemon was the male figure. It’s one of the classics, if you didn’t watch it yet, I would encourage you, to check on it. It’s a light comedy, and it’s full of cultural ideas of that time.

Irma is a name; its original related meaning is “mother”. La Douce in French means “soft/sweet”. So Shirely was impersonating that sweet girl, in Irma La Douce, which is taken originally from a French musical 1956, Music‎: ‎Marguerite Monnot, Book‎: ‎ Alexandre Breffort

This entertaining comedy finds disgraced former police officer Nestor Patou (Jack Lemmon) falling for beautiful Parisian prostitute Irma La Douce (Shirley MacLaine). Though Nestor becomes Irma’s pimp, he can’t stand the idea of her being with clients, so he devises a way to keep her all to himself. This scheme leads to plenty of trouble, however, and soon Nestor is forced to avoid his old law-enforcement peers in an attempt to stay with Irma and out of jail.” []

Shirely MacLain is one of a kind in her beauty, and her calm yet charming smile. She’s elegant, classy, even when she played the prostitute’s role in Irma La Douce 1963.

Hey, my dear 1Zumba friends, thanks for your comments and emails, miss no posts at all, to have every single word clearly digested in your smart brains. Anyway, Irma was witty, pretty as hell, not a slot although a prostitute, sure of her beauty, self-confidant, smart in her won way, cocky, elegant, and gets anyone she wants!

Women felt threatened around her, fearing of losing their men to her, but they would not declare it or admit it; it was an era of conservation & a lot of pride. Men kneel down for Irma’s beauty, and become toys in her hands. Many people who liked the movie named their kids after her name “Irma”, without really thinking too much of the connotation attached to that name. This is one clear example of how movies can affect our real lives.

Movies strongly affect people’s lives. They could become vivid, and be imitated. In your sub-conscious, after you watch a movie, living it events for a couple of hours, unified with one of its characters, some qualities would be crawling into your beings, without you paying any attention to them. You would be adapting these qualities, without even knowing that they existed inside of you.

This, my friends, is applicable to each single movie that you watch, and every single game that you play. Even when you are in a rumba class, your brain is watching everybody else all the time through your eyes, analyzing everything going around you, rejecting some yet accepting and adapting others. A lot more than you would imagine. It’s neither good not bad to imitate others or to adapt their methods in life, but it’s healthy to be aware of that.


Too much impersonating might be dangerous sometimes in the sense that it could become an obsession or an illusion. For one thing, you will never be this or that person. Remember, you are unique, and you ‘re uniquely created. Therefore your best bet is to pick up the healthy models, reject the bad examples, and to constantly remind yourself that all external norms around you are not you. If that person plays a nice melody, why not to play it myself? It’s good, but it would be more brilliant if you played your own in addition to repeating someone’s else piece. Mimicking limits your innovation and originality!

So it all goes back to creativity and uniqueness. Isn’t it? Well! In a way, yes. Huh! We started with Irma La Douce, we ended up with creativity. How nice that is! Yes, my dear 1Zumba friend, it’s nice to point out for others, the important facts of life, and how media, including movies, can be of greater effect on them.

Make room to your creativity. Better not to only confine yourself to others’ patterns. Leave some room for your naturally-given creative mind to do its job. FOR GOD’S SAKE, you’re born in this world to come up with something special; something, nobody else can or would do!

I hope you’d give us your feedback. It’s healthy and intelligent to exchange our thoughts in this world; probably one day, history would remember this for us 🙂

Certainly, we like watching movies, coz they entertain us, and we need to have some fun from time to time. Enjoy your post then with 1Zumba Movie.

Love you all guys, and until we talk again soon, just keep reading and sending us your beautiful comments as usual. Stay cool and love each other. Here’s my hugs and kisses 😉

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