1Friendship for 1Zumba (Cont.)

To all of you, hello again. We appreciate your visits for our posts, and we thank you for taking the time in sharing your comments and suggestions. So pls continue to send us your lovely and inspiring emails. Welcome our new friends from the US, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Poland, n Canada 😉

Let’s have some more fun talking about friendship, coz I feel that we didn’t cover all its parts, and we didn’t  also answer many questions that were sent to us. So now, probably it’s a good time to do that. Agreed?

Hey, my 1Zumba friend, it has been great time, being with me in that event; and thanks for your Tango hint, you’re really so very smart! I like that 😉

Friendship is something very beautiful,  very important element in the life; a secret of happiness. Everyone agrees that the friendship adds private flavor,to our live, and with friends we spend the most beautiful times.

Friendship is defined as the emotional feelings positively exchanged between friends. Furthermore, it’s  seeking and wishing for the ultimate best interest of your friends. In other words, you would wish happiness and goodness for another person, or more, without waiting for any return. It has a mutual affection between two people or more, where every one of them would reciprocate the same feelings.

Friendship is not only between individuals but also between nations, tribes , n organizations. “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, I guess this proverb explains it all. The good friend, or the one who deserves to be called a friend is the one who is pleased for your success, and who feels sorry for your pain and sorrows.

My dear 1Zumba friend, Ann-Mary, it’s ok to let go for that man, if your sister is in love with him. Your sister is more important that any other relationship. If you don’t care for your sister, I don’t know if you would care for anybody else?!  Your dad’s situation is in your favor, and I see he is just and very wise to act like that. It’s all, in you, you are the one who will make it right.

Dear China, money is certainly not everything, and I remember that I talked about that before, if you follow up with our posts, you’d find that I answered a similar question before, talking about money and love. Sometimes, or most of the time, they do not come together. You may love someone who is very rich, and he wouldn’t have the same feelings for you. Other times, a handsome wealthy guy loves you, but you just don’t feel it for him. It is irrelated to any status-quo! So either to choose your heart  or your mind. 😉

Honestly, David, she was right; you are womanizer. Why? You took the chocolate from her hand to give it to the hostess! You forced her to give the toy she bought in San Diego Zoo, to a child you do not know, just to please a lonely mother in the Zoo. You’re flirting with the Moroccan restaurant’s waitress, giving her your email, to send her the photo you took for her with your girlfriend?! Dah! Are you nuts?!

There is certain limits, you cannot go beyond. There are red lines or red flags, you cannot just do whatever you want to do when you are engaged to someone or married to someone. Women are sensitive and can easily measure how deep is your love to them. If  I were in her place, I would immediately leave you, coz you’re acting like a single cocky person, and you didn’t care for her feelings at all. Actually, that made me wonder, did you really have any feelings for your fiancee?! I doubt it. I have to be truthful with you as you asked me to, and probably you would see what you were doing for that poor young woman, if that happened to you.

I want to chat some more, but it’s time for some dinner, right? Let’s all have our dinner, and get some rest for few hours, then come back again online, to chat some more. Until then, I’m giving you  all my hugs and kisses. Remember, we ‘re here for you. We are your friends 24/7, so send us any time, day or night, if you have a question, that you need help with. Life is full of questions, and there is no bad questions. Love you guys 😉

crOh! I forgot to ask you, which car make would you recommend; I’m thinking of getting a new one. I liked the last link, but a friend sent me a fantastic suggestion. Here is the photo, haha! 🙂








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