Your New Friends!

Can your show hit the road yet?! 😉 Oh dearest friends and readers everywhere: the US, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, India, Moldova, Italy, China, the UK, Croatia, Canada, Netherlands, Portugal, South Korea, Czech Republic, Spain, Mexico, Poland, Taiwan, France, Poland, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Iceland, Israel, Vietnam, Romania, Hong Kong SAR China, Serbia, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia,  Ecuador, and Jordan, we are definitely privilege to have all of you with us today! 😉


Do you know what makes you unique?

Is it your body, your voice, your walk, your talk, your smile, your thoughts, your endless very particular elements that come together to create your wonderful most amazing being? Fabulously, it’s everything you have! 🙂 

Do you appreciate that?  

      Berrylook 5% off for Your First OrderBerrylook Free Shipping Over 55+These are your new friends, if you know what we mean. It’s that strange combination of needs and services:

At & T
PG & E
and others.

USA Car RecordsophiechannelShop Few ModaHow many times did you hear a president talking about $ 8 trillions?

Do you like to be a sucker?

Coz this is what’s happening to you for many years. You see how rich you are? You see how elected people suck your money and spend it wherever you want or you don’t want. It seems that nobody is held accountable for expenditure. 🙄

In fact, very few people approve of war compared to the majority who are against all wars.

This is a fact.

No one likes blood shed no matter what party s/he joins or follows.

Do you know who like it?

Vampires! War contractors! Those who gain millions, billions, zillions, or trillions of $$$$ leaving you in poverty and debt.

Nunn Bush

Cashmere in Love
Answering Greg about Social Security card protection, and how gov need to use simple methods of maintaining all public info confidential.

Pls find a way to protect the secrecy of the SS. It’s nonsense to be asked to provide your SS number by every single department while you advise its holder not to release its info to any one. It’s a contradicting policy which jeopardize the user. You can give a code to each person to use. It’s that simple!!

Not only that, there is more which is astonishing to talk about.Cashmere in LoveIt’s winter approaching you, and it’s getting cold. You’d BE more inclined to stay in bed under your fluffy blanket and just reading or watching something.

It’s not always the case. There’s always other things to attend to, right?

Until we talk again heroes, just stick to us and to peace, it will bring you peace of mind and a unique ability on creativity. It will inspire you all the way to your special deed on Earth, with our hugs and kisses sophiechannel

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