“No More Wars”, US People Say!

You’ll never be addicted to anything, how about coffee?! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Thailand, Canada, Hong Kong SAR China, Sweden, India, Austria, Russia, China, Argentina, Taiwan, the UK, Romania, Egypt, Netherlands, and South Africa! 😉

Brandon and Davin got excited and said yes yes yes.

“You have to answer”, Tamana urged the whole team to publish today.

But it wasn’t a question to answer, it was an email that we received in which a picture mocks the opinion that was given in your last two posts.

EM CosmeticsNatalie: “It’s astonishing because as you explained before: You may like to eat bananas, while others like to have apples”. May be the apples are more nutritious than bananas or may be not, but for others to choose, it’s absolutely up to them; it’s  their own life and their own stomach not yours. You can not smear someone just for the sake of choosing apples over bananas. The others could have an excellent reason for their choice.”

Respect others’ opinion!

Gavin: “Since when Kurds are too important for the US? Or is it only coz Trump pulled out our kids from there?”
Kimberly: “Do you really think that each member of the Congress has already asked the people whom s/he represents and that the People said we should continue being in the Middle East? If you said yes, it’s obviously that you’re lying to yourself and to your people. You should be ashamed of blurring the truth with your lies.”

Gracia: “Who benefit from War???????”

Isabelle: “War Contractors! Who else?”

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Savannah: “Did you hear the figure “EIGHT TRILLIONS”? The US spent $8 Trillions in the Middle East and gained DEAD BODIES of your HIGHEST FITNESS YOUTH.

Cesar: “If you wish for our youth to be killed protecting other countries and leaving their home to be destroyed by deficit, your’ either a fool or a traitor. Your aim is to destroy the US not to work on the best interest of the American people.

Anthony: “Probably Trump is not a 100% perfect president, but who else would achieve all of this in that short period of time, while taking the blames all the time for everything is done by him or by someone who worked with him.? Name ONE!”

Cadence: “Also, there is no more ISIS. It’s just an excuse to shed more blood.”

Cashmere in Love“You’re absolutely right. I remember that over the radio, it was said that the people in prison are only the families the kids and the women” said Alex.

Juan: “Not only that. It was announced that the European countries refuse to take any of them back home.”

Abram: “We don’t want war with any other country. We, the people, want peace and focusing on our own neglected people.”

Jose: “You and I have plenty to do, guys, PLENTY“.

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Fabiola: “Lawmakers, what did you do for the online companies which imposing on all of you cookies? Were you able to draw a legislation that takes care of that?

Are you capable of writing any new laws, or you’re keeping us busy to cover your weaknesses?”

This is where other countries took a huge advantage of us. Many call centers are located outside the US. For example, At & T have your communication centers in the Philippines. where they have access for your SS number, your BD and your address. Is this OK, dearest members of Congress?”

Isn’t this an impact of other countries which have a workforce that is connected to the US?

Another company in the interpretation field hire people from all over the world, speaking other languages. What kind of precaution the company takes in order to guarantee that those interpreters have any loyalty to the US?”

It’s stunning how the phrase: “You must agree to the Terms and Conditions, before continue” It’s so sad to see your country dragged down to that depth into deeper stages of system failure.

sophiechannelCashmere in Love

Until we chat again, insist on “No more Wars“, this is the desire of every US citizen. US people seek peace and joys of having their kids back. You can’t deny them that much, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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