With Trump, Your’re Engaged!

Special feeling! Great company! Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, the UK, New Zealand, Belgium, Canada, and India! 😉

I think that people are addicted to Trump (in a good way), have you realized that? I might be one of these people, and I’ll tell you why he is liked. Talking openly the same way I talk to my students. This man has too many good qualities that is why he is admired him by millions of you, not only in the US but also worldwide.

May be the first quality is that he is a believer. He always express his belief in the Creator; it doesn’t matter what religion he is but he  constantly expresses his deep belief in the Creator.


The 2nd quality he keeps his promises; when he says he will do something he does. Others, when they reach to the position they want, they do not keep their word. But he does and did.

He has a special charisma: do you see the way the people are following him everywhere; it’s because wherever they are, they feel engaged with him in any activity, they experience a higher level  of energy

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SophieSBAnyway, back to Mr. Trump, your favorite  President, as he was called lately by many teachers and students. By the way teachers who admired Trump lost wages or their working hours were cut down. It’s a fact in California. I think that the Dems are behind that but I’m not sure how they do it. Perhaps you know what this means.

Trump celebrated the UC Berkeley student who took a punch  in the face and considered him a hero stating that he (the student) took a punch for all of us. And you know what? It was true.

You are born free to express your opinion respecting all others, but that made me think of why my students like Trump. I never impose any opinion on my students. I encourage them to think and to develop their own opinion. 

Other teachers do not do the same, but this is not our topic for tonight, may be you and I can talk about it later on in another post.Remix by Rock Revival at Buckle!

The last issue was about Jew and if Mr. Trump really believe that Dems hate Jews or not, Sarah, just wondered, why amid of all these border problems, all of a sudden, there’s nothing more important for the media than to focus on the Jews? Jews, Mosslims, Christians, Sikh, Buddhists, or any other, does it really matter now? You need to focus on your security issues. Wake up, people!

Mr. Trump will protect all religions with these borders. He said he welcomed all creeds. Believe him n that, the only thing he embraced was that just enter legally to our country. It’s not too much to ask. Every other country is doing the same to protect its assets: its citizens.

Until we talk again about the key-quality for Mr. Trump, stick together and do your best to support our country, push your President to a higher levels of achievement, and constantly check on our posts, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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